Who has The Power over Your Body?

Appartently my body is not mine alone. And maybe yours too.

We often hear how people address us (only) with our appearance. How thin, fat, white, black we are and every appearance aspects in between. Well, can’t blame anyone about that, eyes are the very first sense to create impression.

Easy on making a comment, but maybe is not easy to take in the opposite side. Sometimes a comment is felt as judgment or bully and the worst part is we can’t tell how our comments are perceived.

I’ve been fat, I’ve been thin (yes, I’m fat again now :P).
I’ve been under cared, I’ve been cared properly, now I’m trying to care again between diapers duty and baby meals.
So I’m pretty much fed with all those commentary.

In addition, after having a baby, the commentary vary even more.
‘Are you breastfeeding him?’
‘When are you going to give him a sister/brother?

Once as small talk, fine.
Twice as not-so-small talk, okay.. *flat face*
More than twice, okay, stop right there! You have no rights nor power over my body and my life.

Some would say, I’m over reacting. But could you tell which one of your ‘small’ comments would not hurt anyone’s feeling? Such ‘small’ comment can be considered as a bully.


Chariot of Senses


In Katha Upanishad, there’s a phrase depicted by a horseman controlling 5 horses. The horseman is the intellect and 5 horses are the 5 senses. All 5 senses would perceive every object in their path but we often forget all those horses are tied to the reins, our mind, and controlled by the charioteer, our intellect.

When we ride a chariot, do we want our horses to respond to every disruption on the path?

In that depiction, the chariot is the body.
Some of us have the body made of gold and some have the body made of wood. But its our body, in which we made possible to do almost everything in this world. Along the way, we might bump into another chariots with charioteers and their horses. They might let their horses make a comment about our chariot, but that doesn’t necessarily affecting our chariot, no?

The charioteer should take control.
Our intellect should take control of our senses through the reins, our mind, to have power over our chariot, our body. All those horses can say whatever they want, but surely do not have the power over your body. And in addition, minding the reaction towards all the object we perceived through our senses, so we can properly react with no feelings hurt.

Oh Well..

How life changes in a flip of your hand..

One time, everything seems in its righteous place, and its like a divine blessing is showering upon us. Another time, everything can be misplace, if not all over the place. Forget about divine, you’re kinda busy finding out how to not drown into the sea of emotion.

Oh well.. 🙂

Its just life, happening.

How To Un-Miserable-ing Yourself Instantly

Pregnancy and labor followed by babysitting (with/without help) often makes you feel miserable.
In each body, mind and soul state.

Well, I don’t know about the happy-smiley-all-the-time mothers out there, but I frequently purse my lips and frown my forehead during these times 😀

All those webs and books is recommending a ‘me time’ to avoid such feeling. Yes, that might works. But in my case, I don’t get many chances for me-time-ing. Since I was pregnant with Gian, I decided to kill me-time concept. Aside the ego reason, I’m afraid my frown and pursing lips catch to me sooner before the next ‘me-time’ 😛 And so I listed some ways, how to un-miserable-ing myself, instantly xD

1. Hot Shower

This was the easiest way and since the first night up with Gian, I took my bath ritual seriously. I’d enjoy ever splash of it. Took only 5-10 minutes, might be the short version if compare to the average bath time, while your baby is asleep safely, but if you mean it, you’ll be refreshed in no time, in every single bath time 🙂

2. A cup of hot coffee/tea

Well, since I’m a coffee/tea addict, a sip of hot coffee/tea can really brighten my day.

3. Loud music

Then get on your feet and shake what pregnancy has left you on your butt 😛 Or just shake your head to the rhythm 😀 And don’t forget to sing along. I did this every Gian’s bath time.

4. Laugh about something, anything

Fake it if necessary. Its good just to have a good laugh. When Gian was a couple days old, somehow I tripped on something and fell. It hurts but also silly, and I remember I had such a good laugh over my pain. And voila! Bye-bye frown =))

5. Take a walk (to the mall/park)

Its not about certain calorie amount you need to burn or anything. Walking for 5 minutes, anywhere, can really gives you new perspective.

6. Look up to the sky

When you happen to be directly under a bright blue sky. Look up! And take a deep breath 🙂 Its like right click on refresh.

7. Child pose (Shishuasana)

Has the benefit to calm the nervous system and deep relaxing for your back. Yoga offers many poses to help coping with pregnancy, labor and heavy mommy duties, but this pose has almost instant effect, well at least for me. And while doing this sort of ‘sujud’ pose, I often count my blessings 🙂

8. Pat you pets

If you don’t have one, get one. Maybe its just me, but I think animals are great for us to develop nurture/care habit. And its good feeling for us to know that we are capable to nurture/care for other beings.

I Failed, yet I’m Alive

How many books out there about success? The answer is too many.
But how many books out there telling us about failure, and how to cope with it? Maybe there is one, somewhere out there.

I was going through my book shelf just now and found a book on how to be a successful person in life. Cant help wondering, what was I thinking back then when I buy that book? I bet, I want to be a successful person 😛 D’ah! But really, what was I looking for?

Now, if you ask me, do you succeed in life? I’d say, you tell me what you mean by successful.
Is it having the million dollar job?
Is it having the perfect marriage?
Is it having the flawless body?
Is it being the perfect parent?

If that were the term of successful, well I’m nowhere near 😀

But, I love my job.
Husband often being pain in the ass, but he’s okay.
Full fat body and yes, I need to do something about this, but still okay.
And surely I’m no perfect mother. I get cranky with Gian, sometimes. And I feed him fast food already (McD all the way) LOL but he’s still the pumpkin of my life.

Yeah, I failed on one too many aspects in life. But hey, at least I’m alive 😉

Just Almost

This afternoon, Gian was being a good sleeper.
Work is yet to begin.
And so I pay a little attention to the TV, which playing Mr. Bean’s Holiday and The Croods.
I got hit so hard! I almost forgot how to laugh :O:O:O:O

Oh so big no, no!

Thankfully, its just almost. Not completely forgot. And so I laugh at The Croods family, especially Grug, the father.


What is a Resolution?

ResolutionOut of curiosity since everyone is talking about their past and future resolution, I searched for a ‘resolution word origin’ in Google, and Google depicted the word origin as above.

Aside from the ordinary meaning of ‘resolution’ such as a firm decision to do or not to do something or the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter, I am more intrigued with the meaning of the origin word.

re‘ and ‘solvere
to loose, to release

dissolve, disintegrate


So, whats yours to loose in this new year?
Are you ready to release something in this new year?
Or to dissolve anything, maybe?
Disintegrate something might be not so bad either, no?


Happy New Year 2014, peeps 🙂