Deep Down…

Its painful
Its almost unbearable
Its everything but
Its beyond imagination

Deep down..

Hence, the many faces
Hence, the poker faces
Hence, smiles like nothing has ever happened
Hence, seemingly ‘happiness’

To cover whats deep down.
Sad. So sad.

The Unknown

The Unknown
Exist yet none knows the existence
Felt yet none remembers feeling it
Came from yet none recalls where it was

The Unknown
Some doubt it
Many fear it
Few embrace it

The Unknown
The mystery is addictive
Yet, frightening
But none can live without

The Unknown
Often forgotten
But never fails to be
Where we all, someday, belong

I Hate You

It is okay to hate
It is humane to hate
It is ordinary to hate
Everybody has their own hatred

And it is totally okay to say out loud ‘I Hate You’
as loud as you say ‘I Love You’

One can’t be always in the grace of Light
To know, feel the Light, one must also know, feel the Dark
And says who, Darkness is not a grace?
As graceful as the Light, so is the Dark

Only when we see equal between Light and Dark, Love and Hatred
The world beyond is possible
And yes, it is the one and only way
That is why, it is okay to hate


Longing Needs Nothing

a sigh of breath
deep, heavy and endless
sign of missing
something, someone, somehow

question asked
arms hugged
tears wiped
but none fills that part

require nothing really
a slit on this heart
meant to be exactly where it is
to remind me, how beautiful it could be 🙂

Love is Love

Love is Love
No Matter What

Out of the perfect scam, still I Love
Out of the false words, still I Love
Out of the near-cruel treatments, still I Love

Because Love is Love
No Matter What

And I am Made of Love
Love is My Main Ingredient

Trash me as You like, still I Love
Scam me as You wish, still I Love
Tear me Over and Over again, still I Love

Because I am Made of Love
Love is My Main Ingredient

Satu Cinta

Kukenal satu cinta
Yang penuh hasrat menggelora

Lain lagi satu cinta
Yang memberi tanpa henti

Ada pula satu cinta
Menggoda dan ceria

Dan satu cinta lain
Tidak berapi, hanya membara

Tapi cinta satu ini, lain..
Tidak seperti satu cinta yang lain

Cinta yang bisa menyesakkan dada
Cinta yang terhirup seiring nafas
Cinta yang tak berdasar, seberapa dalam pun kau menyelam
Cinta yang ‘kan ku tukar dengan jiwa

Dan aku..
Aku jatuh cinta..