Life is a Run

Driver (Dwayne Johnson) is the kind of guy who speak less, do more. After serving 10 years in the prison, and made it alive without any trade in or protection from anyone, he run (literally run) for revenge.

He hunted the people who killed his brother in after of the money they stole from a bank. He managed to identify those people and killed them one by one. He just came on them, shot their heads and leave. Just like that. No fancy equipment, no sophisticate plan, no back up. Just a gun and a camaro. Simple, straight to the point, and executed.

Exact opposite to a killer who’s assigned to kill Driver after the first murder. Fancy car, sophisticated, fully loaded, and ‘beautiful’.

The twist came when he woke his mother to kill his step father, who he thought was the betrayer and told those people to after the stolen money. Turned out his step father was dead couple years back and according to his mother, he wouldn’t had betrayed his beloved son. This left Driver a question, who betrayed them ?

His straight forward mode of murder made the police worked the case easy enough. It’s detective Cicero (Carla Gugino) and a cop (Billy Bob Thornton) who’s about to retire in couple of weeks. They figured Driver’s motive and tracked down the next victim possibilities. Cicero found out that all of the victims are police tippers. And her partner offered himself to check some of the possibilities.

Still with the question about the unknown betrayer, Driver went to kill the last person on the list. That last person was a repent and became a priest. By the time his mass ended, Driver asked him out and put a gun on his head, while he was down on his knees, holding a bible and chanting verses about God’s mercy. Trigger was pulled. But Driver aimed just few inches from the priest’s head. And Driver thought the revenge was done, leaving the one question about the betrayer unanswered.

Then the beautiful killer came in and pointed a gun in Driver’s head. Driver was not interested to fight back and said that he had no business with him. The killer felt underestimated and gave Driver a ‘sporting chance’ to fight back. Still no respond from Driver. Until the third person took over the control.

It was Cicero’s partner, who turned out to be the betrayer. He was the one who told those tippers to after the stolen money. Those tippers used to be his informan. Also he was the one who hired the killer to kill Driver.

Driver couldn’t figure that there’s one person amongst the people who murdered his brother because he was shot in his head before this cop came in that room. Driver was dead for sometimes but he came back alive and had his skull plated.

The cop shot Driver in his head though the killer asked him to give Driver a chance to fight back against him to satisfy his ‘sporting needs’. Driver went down. The killer left to his wife to start a new life as the cop with his.

Everything went as the cop’s plans except one thing. Plat in Driver’s skull saved him once again. Driver was once again came back from the death and put a bullet through the cop’s chest.

When Driver had to run all the way from the prison to the place where he kept his camaro, I thought this movie would be a waste to watch in the big screen. But I was wrong.

I feel like ‘running’ with Driver all the way. Determination. Spontaneous. And onepointed.

The satisfaction in Driver’s eyes on the last scene is the reward of that kind determination and onepointedness. And I swear I saw the same satisfaction in Leigh-Ann Touhy’s eyes. Well, I guess satisfaction doesn’t recognize the ‘black’ in vengeance and the ‘white’ in charity 😉
*ohh I am soo over this black and white clustering

‘Mr Butterfly’

Opened with a scene of ass (literally ass), which thankfully the ass was rather nice, I had not-so-good feeling about this movie. And I was right, at least in my (not so humble) opinion.

It was Jack (George Clooney), an assassin/gunman, who became a target by the Swedish. After a missed-shot just outside his cabin, he had to kill his girlfriend and then went to Italy to finish one last job. Assembly a modified gun as per requested by Mathilde (Thekla Reuten). In that small village, Jack a.k.a Edward get along with a priest, Father Benedetto (Paolo Bonacelli), who turned out have a son, Fabio (Filippo Timi). Regularly, Jack slept with one prostitute, Clara (Violante Placido).

The story went on quietly and so did the movie. Hardly no back sound and/or dialogue.

Predictable (and rather lame) end made the cherry on top of this movie. Jack got betrayed by his own boss when he was about to start a brand new life with Clara.

I decided to watch this movie (over lunch) just because of George Clooney. And clearly I had it over-expected.

And it was an over-reaching work. That kind of story, which is taken from a novel, A Very Private Gentleman (1990) by Martin Booth, needs a better description through its scenes, since the sound effects are in minimalist mode.

For example, the butterfly tattoo on Jack’s back, how he learned about butterflies, how Mathilde and Clara called him ‘Mr. Butterfly’, and then the closing scene depict a flying butterfly seem don’t have meanings and easily ignored. While I am sure that in its original story (though I haven’t read the novel), it has a deep meaning.

Well, I guess this time I have to eat my over-expectation.

Charity’s Face

Starred by Sandra Bullock, Leigh-Ann Touhy’s life is filmed in The Blind Side. A movie based on true story of a left tackle, Michael Oher, a black kid legally guarded by the Touhy’s based on nothing, no correlation or whatsoever in their backgrounds and/or foregrounds.

Michael Oher, Big Mike, was accepted to Wingate, a Christian fine school, for his potential athletic skill, tough his grade was far below school standard. He was a state ward since her mother wasn’t the best guardian because she’s on drugs.
Since he was a little, the social service took him from his mother and got him fostered. But none last. Till the last house he stayed in, where the wife is not as kind as the husband. So, he stayed place to place in the night.

Until one night, he came across the Touhy’s. Leigh-Ann took him home and let him sleep in the couch for the night. Just like that.

And then the story goes. Michael’s grades finally adequate for him to join football team and start practice. Turned out football is a fortune changer for Michael, since he got the build as left tackle and he did a great job as one.

Finally, Michael got himself a scholarship to college and made it as an All American football player.

The main issue of this movie is actually apartheid issue. A Caucasian Leigh-Ann Touhy volunteering to legally guard an Afro-American Michael Oher. But to me, there’s a little more than color issue that is shown in this movie. It’s kind of depicting one of charity’s face.

And driving a 7 Series BMW.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not implying that we should be one of or all three of above to be able to do charity. Not at all. But pretty, blonde and having a 7 Series BMW convey one message. Abundance. Yet, abundance is not a measureable state. For me, it’s more to an attitude.

Leigh-Ann and her friends can have the same overpriced salad, yet only Leigh-Ann opens the door of her home for a complete (different race) stranger. She did have worries but that didn’t stop her to do what feels right to her. The same wealth, but different attitude.

And to have the face of charity, the face of abundance is not in correlated with wealth, though seem it is, and most of the times the result is wealth.

One of the most generous donor in Asia is a vegetables seller, Chen Shu-Chu. She is the winner of 2011 Asian of the Year as she managed to donor $300.000 aside her revenue as a vegetables seller. That is a lot of money, yes. She must be a rich woman ? No. She just got the attitude of abundance as she only took what she needs and save the rest to give it away for the betterment of her society.

Resulting certain amount of money, appearing as fine wealthy lady, Chen Shu-Chu and Leigh-Ann Touhy are not just some people doing charity. They are the charity’s face. They are caritas, precious ones, one with unlimited loving and kindness.

For Coloured Girls

‘I found God in myself’
‘And I love her’
‘I love her fiercely’

Those are the phrases uttered by Crystal, a mother of two beautiful kids, who is grieving for the lost of her kids cause they were murdered by their own father by throwing them out of the balcony of their apartment, in front of her eyes.

Crystal was an assistance of an editor, Jo. Crystal worked for Jo, for more than 8 years, but Jo was not aware that Crystal was being abused by her husband, until the day Jo saw that murder took place in front of her eyes.

Jo is a fine rich lady with a loving husband, who would take her to the opera just to please her even though he hates watching opera. A husband who swears would never ever sleeping with other woman, other than Jo. No other woman doesn’t guarantee no other man to sleep with.

As an editor, Jo made a good fortune and make a great deal of charities. But not when Juanita came along. Juanita started this private health house, especially for woman of color to advise and equip them with knowledge (and condoms) about healthy relationship.

Kelly, a social worker, certainly doesn’t need to visit Juanita’s health house for a healthy relationship, cause she has one with her husband. Just one thing missing, a child.

And speaking of healthy relationship, Tangie, a bartender, who had sex with different man each night, is nowhere near.

Contrary to Tangie’s sister, Nyla, who is Mama’s favorite for being such a nice girl in the neighbourhood, till she got pregnant and Tangie sent her to some drunk woman to have an abortion.

Judged and forced to have a ritual for forgiveness by her mama, Nyla left home to her dance teacher’s apartment, Yasmine. Unfortunately, Yasmine, who had just been raped by a man she knew before as a good man, froze out of her trauma instead opening the door for Nyla.

Yasmine is the yellow girl.
Nyla is the purple girl.
Tangie is the orange girl.
Kelly is the blue girl.
Juanita is the green girl.
Jo is the red girl.
Crystal is the brown girl.

Each color represents each girl’s life.
Which color depict yours the most ?


I picked this movie randomly among bunch of DVDs I bought that day. Random as in I was just interested in the poems that said would be read by the actresses. And yes, it is proven, that random is the best way to pick up hints for life (at least mine), cause for the whole 133 minutes, I just can’t take my eyes off the screen.

It was, IMO and despite all the critics on this movie, almost perfect capturing the emotions, not only the supposedly scenes. Especially for Crystal (Kimberly Elise) and Tangie (Thandie Newton), I was most impressed with how they played their character. The loss and the emptiness/meaningless emotion are all over and easily grasped (or its just me, cause I also have those emotions at this moment, I can’t tell).

Overall, this movie is beyond my expectation. But what makes me in my top level of mind juggling is the closing line on the end of this movie.

‘for coloured girls who are considered suicide but actually they were just moving to the end of the rainbow’

‘for coloured girls who are considered suicide’, that phrase really got my mind juggle on it. Suicide is just a consideration, a label from society, to define an artificial death that’s committed by a person. And I find it ingenious!

And then the following phrase, ‘but actually they were just moving to the end of the rainbow’, is just like the cherry on top of that ingenious mind. No label, no judgment, just like that, an appreciation.

Just out of curiosity, how many of us who can have mind like that ?

The Girl

With The Dragon Tattoo

Never ever underestimate combination of a reporter and a hacker. That combination can ruin anyone’s life who mess with them.

It’s Blomkvist and Salander. The reporter and the hacker.

They were brought together by a case of missing person leading to murder case.

Blomkvist had few months before he has to go to prison for writing a ‘fraud’ allegation against Wennerstrom, a Swedish billionaire. And in that mean time, he was hired by Henrik Vanger to re-investigate a 40-years-old case, which is his niece, Harriet Vanger, missing case.

Henrik Vanger had a pre-investigation on Blomkvist before he hired him. A hacker/investigator named Salander, with her outstanding look, who investigated Blomkvist.

Turned out, the case was not only a missing person case. It was a suspected murder case. And after a while of remote surveillance on Blomkvist laptop, Salander couldn’t help not to get her hands on dirt. So she sent Blomkvist a traceable email, containing clues to the case.

From that moment on, Blomkvist and Salander worked together solving these clues. And turned out, it was indeed a murder case. Sexual-religious misinterpretation-serial killing for more precise.

The clues are these numbers in the back of Harriet’s bible which every piece of numbers leading to one particular verse in the bible. Blomkvist and Salander connected the verses with murder cases that happened in the last 100 years. One murder per verse, conducted as per written in that particular verse.

Crosschecked with company bills in the last 100 years, Salander finally figured who was the murderer. But it was too late for her, since the murderer got Blomkvist tied up in his basement. It was Harriet’s brother, Martin.

Lucky for Blomkvist, Salander got there just in time. Martin escaped as Salander tried to save Blomkvist. Then Salander went after Martin on her motorcycle and watched Martin’s car crushed after collided with a truck. She could have saved him, before the car blew up. But she didn’t, cause her personal hatred on sexual abusive men.

The next day, Blomkvist found that Salander was already leaving and left a note that there are 2 Anita Vanger (Harriet’s cousin and also her best friend) in this world. One lived in London but already dead, one other lived in Australia, alive.

So, Blomkvist went to Australia to pick up Anita Vanger, who’s none other than Harriet Vanger in her disguise.

Blomkvist solved the case and then carried out the sentence. While in prison, Salander came to visit Blomkvist, brought a bunch of documents, which is results of her investigation on Wennerstrom. Soon as Blomkvist out of the prison, he wrote an accurate and valid allegation against Wennerstrom based on Salander’s investigation results. (Told you, not to mess with these two 🙂

This is, so far, the best thriller movie I’ve ever seen. More than 2 hours play and over-air conditioned studio didn’t affect my attention while my movie buddy complained a lot afterward.

I was most impressed with the female lead, Noomi Rapace. How she played complicate character such as Lisbeth Salander perfectly. Grew up watching her mother abused and also got abused by her own (step) father until she lit him on fire.

And it has a good plot perfectly depicted in the scenes. It’s like Blomkvist and Salander are not just investigating on their own, but somehow they got us to investigate the case in our own mind.

One word for this movie, captivated. 🙂

Now playing, the second sequel.

Who Played With Fire

Details and Car Ads

I was not expecting anything when I decided to drag my friend to watch this movie. Just after 2 days of tears, migraine started to kick in and I hardly can see my own pupil, I figured I need to go out. And this movie is the eyes menu for that night.

Opened with an argue scene about how men should work under women or viceversa, and how women should not work under another women, this movie immediately got my attention. Though for the first 15 minutes, I was looking for (or guessing for more precise) Russell Crowe, the male lead. And there he was, been there in those scenes for 15 minutes, and I didn’t recognize him. How age can be very deceiving 😉

It was a happy family of three, dad, mom and son, having their usual morning, when the police suddenly broke and entered the house to arrest mom for murder charge. That was 3 years ago.

Time flies, taking us to t-3 months.

Mom was proven guilty of murder and facing 20 years to life time sentence in the county jail. Its in Pittsburgh, by the way, where the county jail is The Allegheny Jail, which no one can escape from alive before. Dad submitted an appeal to the higher court and got rejected.

And then my favorite part of this movie, when dad asked the question about life to his students in community college. What kind of life you want to live ? The life that is subjected to you by this world or the kind of life that you decide to have ?

Barely spoke too much, just read books, research, one source interview, and detailing. Dad made the escape plan on his bedroom wall. And then it can’t wait any longer due to the transference. It’s t-3 days.

Not best laid plan and mom’s hesitation made a hell car ads. Chevrolet. Nice!

But, escaped.
Caracas, Venezuela is the life dad decided to have with mom and son.

It is detail preparations and patience that make the plan become the best laid plan.

… and the winner is …

While Harry started his journey with polyjuice potion,

which I thought it was a not-so-bad starter for more exciting journey, but turned out the journey was so ‘flat’ til the end of the 1st part of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows and even ‘flatter’ on the ending scene,

Eustace made a good impression by transforming from a total complainer into a mighty-good looking-sensitive gold dragon, who’s, IMO, played a better role (and a better faith) than Lucy and Edmund in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

But both Harry and Eustace can’t beat this dog-skilled-horse persistence, Maximus, in Tangled. Such an entertaining horse! :))

Yet, though Maximus is a persistent dog-skilled-horse with built in guard attitude, he obeyed this super cute little creature ‘words’ (well not actually words, but more of gestures). What was it ?


And so!
The winner is Pascal, The Chameleon! ^_^

Pictures are taken from here, here, and here.