Feel Like The Real Pizzeria

This is my 2nd attempt trying this place, Nanamia Pizzeria in Gejayan district, Jogjakarta. My first attempt was quite disappointing due to the late service although the food was good.

Here were the first attempt..

Yes! We ordered bunch!
We had Mozzarella Fritter, Capricciosa, Spaghetti Bolognese and Lasagna.They were yuummm!!
Just too bad at that time, the service took too long hence the mood was off.


But today, actually couple days ago, I decided to give it another shot. Now, with anticipation, I ate pancakes before I went here.
And surprisingly, the service is good. Nice, warm and right on time! Like It!!

This time, I ordered (again) the Mozzarella Fritter, Fettuccine Alfredo (with mushroom, originally it came with green peas) and some chillax-ing afternoon beer, Heineken.

Was good. Was full. And happy 🙂 Definitely will coming here again soon, on a date! ;))


Nanamia Pizzeria
Jl. Moses Gatotkaca B13
Gejayan, Yogyakarta

The Food

Each and everyone of us must have certain food with which we grew up.
Mine is ‘soto‘, particularly Soto Pak Slamet or back then we used to call it soto rel sepur, since the place is just across train track.

All five of us has soto as the food of our life. And this place is a must visit place whenever we go back home to Jogja.

And the last time I went to Jogja, my food freak sister Tita told me to try soto in Sagan, where she used to buy as brunch in between her classes. Predictably, that is the same place I used to go when I was in college. :)) So, the next day, here I went.

And the crowd was never less than this. Even back then.

Seemingly plain in composition, but taste so good, still.

Well, that’s it. The food. My food. Simple food for simple person. 😉

il Mondo Pizza

Went out for a lunch with my sister, Tita the other day. After a little incident, me wearing short, t-shirt and flip flop picked her up in her campus which of course drew all the attention of the students, we decided to make that day up with italiano style. And here we goes, il Mondo Pizza.

At first, I was not sure about the place. I mean, I was expecting a restaurant kind a look but I guess this place is more of trattoria which means tavern or small cafe.

They have 2 floors. 1st floor is kitchen and waiting space for those who order take out. 2nd floor for dine in guests. Their interior theme is dark wooden theme accessories with old school pictures. The pictures may be old school, but not the waiters. They’re all youngsters with the latest fashion and they’re all boys. I did not see any girl in the kitchen nor waiting the tables.

So, after seated, we were given the menu. And the menu was really cute! It’s half round papers with leather cover. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the picture of that cute menu.

Took us a short time to order. Yes, we are starving :))
So, we ordered a pepperoni pizza with mozarella and cheese fries. As for the beverage, Tita ordered ice lemon tea and lime squash for myself.

Pepperoni Pizza with Mozarella

Cheese Fries

The pizza was crusty. And they really baked it in a stove instead an oven, since we have a little ashes in our pizza. But it was a yummy pizza! Fries with cheese is also yummy, since Tita ate all of it till the last salt on the plate. She is a food freak! :))

And here we are! 😀

not so good pose for me

trying to look calm pose for Tita and she was absolutely not calm

We paid IDR 85.ooo for our order which I think that was a good price and I said to Tita, this is a good place to eat, great pizza and I would definitely take my friends here some other time.

il Mondo
Better Than Tasty

Jl Cendrawasih 21A
Demangan, Jogjakarta