i was going to title this post ‘rescue me’. but when that title came across my mind, i just realize there’s none to ask for help but myself.

and at first, i thought i was the little hand reaching out for other’s to be rescued. but turned out, both hands were my own.

well, dear… just breath… 🙂

SaC – Courage Edition

Clear Spinach Soup

Bean Cake and Sausage Saute

Meatball Fried Rice

Up until this point, my hand and my tongue worked nicely with my memory. But when I get to the saute, it broke. I can feel my hand, my tongue and my memory has no harmony. And resulted not so good saute. And I figured that not only ‘great’ things need courage, but ‘small’ things, such as cooking, need courage as well. Courage to see, feel, and taste broader. Courage to fail, and courage to come back up.

But I was uplifted by this one person, who always consider my cooks are delicious or delight. Love you, man.. 🙂