Gian Journal: First Month

Highlight for Gian’s first month was blistered nipples and round the clock breastfeeding. (Its more like my journal on Gian’s first month :P)

Okay, first, the blistered nipples.
A bit horror to look at and don’t ask how much it hurts.
Luckily, when Gian had his first check up, his pediatrician prescribed something for my blistered nipples. And I got a tip from every mommy that has a blistered nipples, rub each nipple with some breast milk before breastfeed and likewise after then let it air dry for a moment. It works! Well, the medicine also works. 2 days after having the medicine, my nipples were soar but not blistered. And I keep doing the breast milk rubbing up until now.

Round the clock breastfeeding.
The first blood check up, Gian’s bilirubin level was at 10.5/12. His pediatrician decided, its okay as long as I keep breastfeed Gian on demand, not by schedule. And since most babies of my fellow mommies were jaundice, I was determined to keep Gian from being jaundice. So I breastfeed Gian round the clock, on demand and on schedule (per 2 hours).

Tips I got to keep baby from jaundice were,

  • scheduled breastfeeding (per2 hours)
  • since jaundice baby is a sleeper, wake the baby if while breastfeeding he/she falls asleep by tickling his/her feet, stroking his/her cheek
  • count how many times he/she urinate and watch for the yellow color
  • sun bathe the baby before 9 AM for 15-30 minutes

Aside those 2 highlights, some general knowledge about newborn and baby,

  • normal temperature is 36.5 – 37.5 Celcius deg, don’t easily freak out if the baby’s temperature rise, give a warm bath and breastfeed the baby. Some fellow mommies set 38 Celcius deg as the threshold to contact pediatrician, some higher.
  • while breastfeeding, some breast milk might stick on baby’s face and it can cause acne-like thingy on the face. No need to apply anything, just keep the baby’s face clean by wiping the face with clean cloth
  • baby’s head sometimes feels warmer than any other part of the body, said its normal since baby’s temperature regulation isn’t mature yet, that’s why its wise to cover his/her hands and feet
  • baby’s nails are sharp! Really need to cut them often to avoid baby scratch his/her own face or any other part of the body

Those are few tips that I can remember among many.
I must say it is a big adjustment for my life, our life.
Being new mom, tired, definitely.
Can’t get enough sleep, sure is.
How I cope with this new life style would be in another post, hopefully I could make time to write all these experience.

Mother’s Love, Tough Love

Mother is one of feminine role labels. When we think of our mother, soft, warm and calm feelings arouse. But have you ever wonder how a mother has to deal with us, her children, since we’re newborn until we’re grown ups?

I have no idea until I became one.
Actually I have an idea, its the soft, warm and calm feelings I described earlier.
But little did I know..

Gian was born in such quiet place. There was just the two of us, his parents. Right from the first night he went through, it was just us three. So, there’s only husband or I, handling Gian. Of course mostly I am handling Gian.

Handling a baby needs courage. Real courage. Since baby is so fragile, and they can only cry.

Gian first days, I told myself not to use my head and just man up! Gian cries like every other baby, and sometimes I have to shut my pity feelings for him in order to get him cared. Bathing, changing diapers and cloths, picking bugger from his nose and ears, cleaning his tongue, patting his back to get a burp, giving him a massage to release gas.

Its tough.
Not only for the baby, but also for the mother.
And it won’t get any easier as the baby grows.

And I must say, man is nowhere near a woman when it comes to strength and courage.
When you think you are better than any woman, lets see you become a mother 🙂

Timely Love

Its a little bit scary knowing how I can’t feel anything, but instinct, for my son in his first days.

Yes, I breastfed him.
Yes, I hold him.
Yes, I take care of him.
And surprisingly, since everybody is praising me how fluent I carry and breastfeed the baby, I am good handling a baby.

But all that is instinct and subconscious.

Somehow, I have an auto pilot mode when it comes to handle a baby.
How I manually massage my breasts to collect the colostrum.
How I easily can hold him on either arm.
How I take care of him, bathe him, change his diaper, put his cloths on, etc.

But not until day 5, the very first time I kissed him.
And not until day 9, the very first time I felt the love burst inside.
A timely love..

Hey, Stranger!

I have this mommies chat group on my phone, and one time I ask the question that some of you might consider crazy question.

‘What if I don’t instantly fall in love with this baby?’

They all were so supportive and said its okay not to instantly fall in love with the baby. Some experience the same thing. But most of them instantly fall in love.

And that day, in that recovery room, after the cesarean, husband came to show me the first picture of the baby. Husband was so excited. Unfortunately, between the drugs and the mixed feelings I had, I couldn’t share the same excitement.

All I can say was, hey stranger..

Between Worlds Tale

Its a tale from both sides. Mine and ‘buntelan’.

January 29th, 2014. Im 40w due. And as appointed, I was instructed to have an induction that day. Since my doctor won’t risking ‘buntelan’ get poisoned by his own excretion in my water. Vaginal labor was the goal. So, Im excited to have the induction though all of my mama-friends warned me about the pain. Well, little do they know, I was actually looking for the pain.

There I was. Inducted and keep smiling, working, and sipping my chai tea latte.


17 hours later. Still at 1-2cm opening.
Its 10 AM and I still had high hope that the induction would succeed.
Oh and during the whole morning, I did some asanas. It helps soothe my body dealing with the contraction rhythm as the nurse up the dose.