Signora Pasta

Spending Saturday night, we chose this one place we have always curious about, Signora Pasta at Entertainment Center Bintaro.

The place was crowded. Almost full, with only 2 tables left, we chose the non smoking area, though the air conditioner was a bit too much.

I was impressed with the ambience. Dominated with brown in color and soft happy music in the background. Foods and beverages were sent out almost non stop.

The waiter quickly took our orders, which were Frittura Mista, prawn and calamari fritters, Capricciosa, mushrooms, capers with beef pizza, and a Penne Al Salmone, penne with cream sauce and salmon. As for the beverage, we both ordered a Bunga-Bunga, mix of lemongrass, lemon and a bit ginger (I think).

Frittura Mista


Penne Al Salmone


It was, all, delicious.
I like best the texture of the pizza bread. It was in between crusty and doughy. The calamari and prawn were also perfectly fried. Unfortunately, the dipping was not as tasteful as the fries. The salmon penne was also tasty and aromatic, with all the herbs sprinkles. But the highlight for tonight, its the Bunga-Bunga. Fresh and it has a warm after taste. And husband ended up with another cup of Bunga-Bunga 🙂

TED: Viewer Discretion Please!

Just because he’s the Teddy Bear doesn’t mean he acts like the one we used to imagine.
This movie is hilariously screwed.

Teddy Bear has become a little bitter as grown ups would be. Yes, Ted has grown up. Made a pact as thunder buddy to Johnny for life and life has taken the both of them for 27 years.

Swearing, smoking pot, and grown up things are explicitly shown here. Even sex scenes, yes with-s as in plural.

As cute as Ted depicted in above picture, its actually Ted’s gesture to hit a girl. And yes, its a sex gesture as if he’s doing it with the barcode scanner.

With predictable story line and hardly smooth flow, I actually have time to think how this movie is highly inappropriate for children under age. And to make it worse, there were children watching with me yesterday.

Actually the censor board has already marked this movie as an adult movie. But seems there’s no one care, let alone comply to the viewer discretion.

I am so bugged about this. Is there anyone out there feel the same?

Tersesat di Seribu Ombak

Persahabatan Wayan Manik, Samihi dan Syamimi berangkat dari konflik. Konflik yang kemudian membuka jalan untuk perbedaan bersanding hidup dengan damai.

Bagaimana Wayan Manik bersikap ketika Samihi beribadah dan sebaliknya bagaimana Samihi menerima saran Wayan Manik untuk belajar dari guru kidung untuk keperluan mengaji menunjukkan perbedaan tidak harus berkonflik.

Ketika persahabatan dalam perbedaan harus direlakan bercampur dengan isu pergaulan setempat, dalam hal ini pergaulan yang rawan di tempat wisata seperti Singaraja, Bali dan kisah percintaan yang anehnya musti berakhir dengan bunuh diri, meski bersambut gayungnya, inti pesan moralnya menjadi kabur.

Sekabur tafsiran ‘pulang’ ke rumah seribu ombak yang berkali-kali dengan gesture ritual persembahan, sungguh dapat menyampaikan pesan moral bahwa ‘pulang’ atau bunuh diri itu tindakan yang dibenarkan.

Meski terharu biru mendapatkan film yang mau mengangkat isu perbedaan sekaligus mengingatkan akan kampung halaman, terus terang saya mendapatkan diri saya tersesat di akhir cerita.


Bourne Legacy: Legacy? More of Cross Identity

Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), one of Outcome program participants, survived the wipe out plan by its own creator, the CIA. Outcome program is the following program which built Bourne in the first place. As one of CIA officers plans to go public with the program malfunction, they decided to kill all the following programs and its agents throughout the world.

Cross then went to the city for medicines and found that the lab has been wiped out also, leaving one doctor survived, Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz). Just in time Marta is forcefully held for suicide, Cross came to rescue.

Unfortunately, Dr Shearing had no medicines Cross was looking for. And surprisingly, Cross could have been lived without those medicines and still have the abilities, both cognitive and physical. He just needs to be injected with live viruses, the medicines ingredients. The viruses was kept in Thailand, and there they went.

Successfully injected, Thailand didn’t come easy for Cross and Dr Shearing to escape the local police and one of LARX (the suddenly-active-following program after Outcome) participant. Bourne wouldn’t leave his legacy without successful runaway. So did Cross and Dr Shearing.

To take down super soldier, CIA only send drone? That is so weird.
To have a target house burned down and their agents went missing, took CIA hours to send their forensics? That is even weirder.
To pull out passengers manifest and have everybody’s background checked out, instead running facial recognition S/W? No wonder CIA’s screwed.
Last but not least, what’s with the (ordinary branded) sunglasses? And selecting car instead of motorbike to chase a motorbike, really, REALLY? LARX is totally a bust!

The Wind Chime, Down Scaling The Up Scale

Got a 4 days getaway to Bandung few weeks ago and I decided to got to this place based on this review. And there we were.

The place is called The Wind Chime, though the wind chime elements are a little bit off, more like The Pan House since they put (good) comments on the pan and hang them along side the porch.

I made a reservation prior our arrival, thought had to anticipate the dinner rush. Turned out, we are the only customer since we came at 6.30 PM til we left at 8.00 PM. Errr?!

And the fiasco started with the only-one-chicken-entree menu, which finally I had to order it though I was not in the mood of chicken breast (again). Wie ordered a tiger prawn menu cost IDR 275k, which I thought would be worth it.

For appetizer, we ordered the infamous escargot.

Here they were..

Both our entrees got mashed potato in it and it was completely flat, no taste in any sense possible. And the garnishes somehow are not enhancing the flavor of the meat, since those meats (both the chicken breast and the prawn) could use a flavor enhancement. Even the basic salt and pepper I couldn’t taste.

The only savior of the night is the escargot. Olive oil and parsley is the key. Though they came out not as expected, as the snails were drown into the mushrooms.

A friend of mine was ordering a tenderloin and came out not as expected as well. I saw him struggling cutting the tenderloin.

For a down scaling like that we have to pay almost IDR 700k. What a Bummer! Totally not recommended and certainly not going back for a second down scale.


The Windchime
Jl. Sawungguling No. 10 A
Bandung – 40116
Jawa Barat, Indonesia
ph. +62(22) 423-9963

Civilized Critics (Appreciation for Sushi Tei Management)

Many fear criticism. Being the criticized, being the critics, and some prefer to keep the ‘golden way’. And that’s no surprise at all, since critics are made to reveal flaws and weaknesses.

But also, in the contrary, there are some people who just love criticism, especially being the critics. In worst case, critics are like predator and the criticized are like the prey.

That’s why criticism has a negative tone and people are busy to promote on how to convey a constructive critics.

I was one of those who fear criticism since I saw its negative tone instead of its constructive impact, and been busy (only) to promote how criticism can be constructive.

Well, no more now 🙂

Through one event, I learned to befriend with criticism. It happened just yesterday, Monday, August 13th 2012. My husband and I decided to have lunch at Sushi Tei in Pondok Indah Mall 2. I have always liked their sushi and ramen. Since my husband wanted the ramen to be the spicy one, finally we ordered their new special Ramadhan menu, Pirikara Soumen few selections of maki.

Not too long after we ordered, the food came along. We were digging the Pirikara Soumen, it was delicious until we found dead maggot in the Pirikara Soumen. The digging reached the bottom of our stomach.

I asked my husband whether we wanted to complain to the restaurant. He has no comment at that time.

And so, I decided to call the waitress and asked them about what is it in our Pirikara Soumen, is it some kind of ingredient. I asked her to confirm with the chef.

A little bit later, the store manager, Bapak Tedy Yanto, came to our table and apologized. He explained that it was indeed a dead maggot, and perhaps came from the vegetables in the Pirikara Soumen. He asked whether we wanted to change the menu to other selection. My husband and I can’t helped not to laugh and told Bapak Tedy that the Pirikara Soumen is already in our stomach. What’s the solution of that?

I sensed a bit pause in Bapak Tedy’s reaction and I waited for him to come up with another solution. And he did, by offering to discharge the bill for the Pirikara Soumen. We agreed.

Then Bapak Tedy went to take care of the bill and gave a comment card for us to fill.

I wrote down what’s necessary to comment on. That dead maggot in the food is totally NOT acceptable. I also wrote down my identity as complete as possible. I thought I have to be able to take responsibility for my rave comment.

We paid the bill and left the restaurant.

On our way, I decided to share my experience in my twitter account.

My intention was pure sharing my experience. And for Sushi Tei to improve their service since they are one of favorite restaurants in town. Mine too, but unfortunately this event really hit me in the stomach.

And then I got bunch of mentions in twitter. Only proving that Sushi Tei is everyone’s fave.

Few hours after later, I got a phone call from Ibu Monica, as the operational of Sushi Tei. Apologizing for the unfortunate event, thanking for giving the commentary on comment card and twitter, telling that investigation team has been dispatched to improve their service and asking whether there’s something they can do to make up the unfortunate event to us.

I say, that is one good management! Only within hours they already responding customer voice.

I said on the phone to Ibu Monica, that it would not be necessary to make up the unfortunate event since the bill was already discharged, we fully understood the situation and hopefully we all can learn from the event to be better, as in Sushi Tei can improve the service and we can be better customer by convey the constructive criticism.

I also share my appreciation to Sushi Tei management via twitter.


And that’s how I finally befriend with criticism. I am not afraid of it anymore.
Really, criticism can be constructive and beneficial for all of us, when we convey and accept it right 🙂

Once again, my sincere appreciation to Sushi Tei management for resolving this unfortunate event. You just prove you’re Big.

Home Foods

As I recently moved to my own house, cooking is a must.
Not only to tighten the budget, but also to start living as in its true sense.

And so, here I am, in my new-old kitchen, cooking my home foods 🙂


First home food is my all time fave: Palm sugar-Sweet Soy Sauce Based Veggie Fry

The veggies you can pick as you please. I use broad beans, string beans, baby corns, carrots, anything available in the kitchen.
For the goodie, sometimes I use sausages and/or meatballs. Not to forget lots of chilli 😉

As for the base, of course palm sugar, sweet soy sauce, shallots, garlic, salt, galangale and bay leaf.

Stir fry the chilli, shallots, garlic, galangale and bay leaf.
Add some water, and put the veggies and goodies in.
While boiling, add palm sugar, sweet soy sauce and salt.
Let it boil till the water run dry and create thick brown base.
Taste it and expect hot, sweet, slight salty in the back.

I can never had enough of this food 😀
Hope he likes it, like I do.


Second home food is Spinach Corn Clear Soup

Of course you all can guess, the veggies are spinach and corn. Add also some carrots to brighten the color.
The seasoning is totally simple: shallots, one garlic, bay leafs and salt sugar.

Let shallots, one garlic, bay leafs and salt sugar boil in some water.
Make sure you get the right taste before adding the veggies.
Expect slightly sweet and salty fresh.
Only then put the veggies till they cooked properly.


Both of those foods can be done under 30′. It is really simple. Try it 😉

Important note in these 2 recipes: the bay leaf is a Must! That solid green leaf can bring magic to your taste buds.