Edema vs. Warrior Pose

I’m having a one sided edema 2 days ago. Just my right foot. Its kinda funny actually, but still can’t figure why in the hell my right foot is swelling more than my left foot.
I use you both equally, no? *I asked my feet the other day*

Edema or swollen ankles and feet is common during pregnancy, esp in the last trimester, which I am now. Its basically a fluid pool in the tissue due to unbalanced blood circulation during pregnancy, since the uterus is pressing the pelvic veins and the vena cava, which supposedly carry blood from the lower limbs back to the heart.

As common as it is, I would like to care about it and trying to reduce the symptom. And so, I add poses focusing on feet strength on my morning yoga. One of them is warrior pose, which I find it very on-point in terms of my swelling right ankle and foot.

Warrior Pose

Took only 1 time exercise actually, as yesterday I noticed my right ankle and foot was not as swollen as the day after.
But here is the result after 2 days.

Edema vs Warrior Pose.
Who’s winning? 🙂

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