Gian Journal: First Month

Highlight for Gian’s first month was blistered nipples and round the clock breastfeeding. (Its more like my journal on Gian’s first month :P)

Okay, first, the blistered nipples.
A bit horror to look at and don’t ask how much it hurts.
Luckily, when Gian had his first check up, his pediatrician prescribed something for my blistered nipples. And I got a tip from every mommy that has a blistered nipples, rub each nipple with some breast milk before breastfeed and likewise after then let it air dry for a moment. It works! Well, the medicine also works. 2 days after having the medicine, my nipples were soar but not blistered. And I keep doing the breast milk rubbing up until now.

Round the clock breastfeeding.
The first blood check up, Gian’s bilirubin level was at 10.5/12. His pediatrician decided, its okay as long as I keep breastfeed Gian on demand, not by schedule. And since most babies of my fellow mommies were jaundice, I was determined to keep Gian from being jaundice. So I breastfeed Gian round the clock, on demand and on schedule (per 2 hours).

Tips I got to keep baby from jaundice were,

  • scheduled breastfeeding (per2 hours)
  • since jaundice baby is a sleeper, wake the baby if while breastfeeding he/she falls asleep by tickling his/her feet, stroking his/her cheek
  • count how many times he/she urinate and watch for the yellow color
  • sun bathe the baby before 9 AM for 15-30 minutes

Aside those 2 highlights, some general knowledge about newborn and baby,

  • normal temperature is 36.5 – 37.5 Celcius deg, don’t easily freak out if the baby’s temperature rise, give a warm bath and breastfeed the baby. Some fellow mommies set 38 Celcius deg as the threshold to contact pediatrician, some higher.
  • while breastfeeding, some breast milk might stick on baby’s face and it can cause acne-like thingy on the face. No need to apply anything, just keep the baby’s face clean by wiping the face with clean cloth
  • baby’s head sometimes feels warmer than any other part of the body, said its normal since baby’s temperature regulation isn’t mature yet, that’s why its wise to cover his/her hands and feet
  • baby’s nails are sharp! Really need to cut them often to avoid baby scratch his/her own face or any other part of the body

Those are few tips that I can remember among many.
I must say it is a big adjustment for my life, our life.
Being new mom, tired, definitely.
Can’t get enough sleep, sure is.
How I cope with this new life style would be in another post, hopefully I could make time to write all these experience.

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