Gian Journal: Almost (Up To) 6 Months

Having a little baby is challenging?
Wait until your baby is getting bigger :))

I did not see that challenges coming, but I enjoy it anyway 😉

So here we go,

Gian 105days celebration. In traditional outfit (kamen), ready to be celebrated as human fully.

3+ hensem

Wearing traditional head band (udeng) :-*

3+ 105

Gian first touch to the ground beneath :’)

3+ tuun

Aaand the fun part is balding the head, yeayy!
Such a good boy, no fuzz no cry, just curious faces 😛

3+ bald

Celebration continued to a steak house, slurp :9

3+ mom

3+ pop

At 4 months old, Gian is upgrading his sparing partner. A giraffe bigger than himself, LOL

4+ jerapah

And I think he’s bored already, with my kisses 😛

4+ kiss

Handsome but a cutie too :’>

4+ monkey

He’s a cute boss!

3+ bossy

And Gian’s 5 month-versary is celebrated by traveling to Jogja, yeay!
Look at his face, ready for some adventure 😀

  4+ cabin

This picture is some sort of a-must-taken picture.
First flight, first time on a runway with a plane background.
4+ runway

And here he is, the 5mo boy wandering in airports already :))



After a giraffe, now Gian picks a bolster to wrest with.

5+ gulat

Giraffe is K.O :))

5+ yelow

And all of the sudden, that little baby can SIT on his own (even though still only for few seconds ;P)

5+ duduk

We love you, kid.
Don’t grow too fast :-*

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