Who has The Power over Your Body?

Appartently my body is not mine alone. And maybe yours too.

We often hear how people address us (only) with our appearance. How thin, fat, white, black we are and every appearance aspects in between. Well, can’t blame anyone about that, eyes are the very first sense to create impression.

Easy on making a comment, but maybe is not easy to take in the opposite side. Sometimes a comment is felt as judgment or bully and the worst part is we can’t tell how our comments are perceived.

I’ve been fat, I’ve been thin (yes, I’m fat again now :P).
I’ve been under cared, I’ve been cared properly, now I’m trying to care again between diapers duty and baby meals.
So I’m pretty much fed with all those commentary.

In addition, after having a baby, the commentary vary even more.
‘Are you breastfeeding him?’
‘When are you going to give him a sister/brother?

Once as small talk, fine.
Twice as not-so-small talk, okay.. *flat face*
More than twice, okay, stop right there! You have no rights nor power over my body and my life.

Some would say, I’m over reacting. But could you tell which one of your ‘small’ comments would not hurt anyone’s feeling? Such ‘small’ comment can be considered as a bully.


Chariot of Senses


In Katha Upanishad, there’s a phrase depicted by a horseman controlling 5 horses. The horseman is the intellect and 5 horses are the 5 senses. All 5 senses would perceive every object in their path but we often forget all those horses are tied to the reins, our mind, and controlled by the charioteer, our intellect.

When we ride a chariot, do we want our horses to respond to every disruption on the path?

In that depiction, the chariot is the body.
Some of us have the body made of gold and some have the body made of wood. But its our body, in which we made possible to do almost everything in this world. Along the way, we might bump into another chariots with charioteers and their horses. They might let their horses make a comment about our chariot, but that doesn’t necessarily affecting our chariot, no?

The charioteer should take control.
Our intellect should take control of our senses through the reins, our mind, to have power over our chariot, our body. All those horses can say whatever they want, but surely do not have the power over your body. And in addition, minding the reaction towards all the object we perceived through our senses, so we can properly react with no feelings hurt.

2 thoughts on “Who has The Power over Your Body?

  1. lindaleenksays

    Orang mmg ditakdirkan untuk selalu berkomentar, bergunjing. Makanya acara infotainment laris.
    tinggal kitanya yg mengerem diri sendiri buat ga nggosip (dengan harapan) semakin sedikit orang yg mengeluarkan komentar ga penting ttg kita. :))

    1. omingokesays

      Mengerem untuk ngga nggosip lebih karena nggosip itu melelahkan, buat aku siih 😉 Trying not to comment or judge, but feel free to comment and judge me *macak artis :P* hahhahahaa


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