Dirt is Dirt, But There’s Also Clean Water

Once in a meditation class, my Guru said,

“You can not clean dirty floor using dirty water. It has to be cleaned with clean water. “

Imagine dirty water in a glass. It seems impossible to have a clean water without throwing out the dirty water inside first. But throwing out the dirty water is not in the option. What to do?

Simply add clean water and more clean water until all the dirty water overflowed.

Cant tell why that phrase from my Guru stuck in my head for years, up until recently.


Been struggling with guilt and ‘dirt’ until I despise myself. That I’m unworthy even to breathe, let alone to live this wonderful life. But life goes on. And life showed my how to ‘cleanse’ myself, starting from my body to my deep down soul. In the journey, I get to meet great people, and experiencing how good life can be. Then life gave me the purest thing.

Kindness, love, joy bundled in one package called baby boy, Gian.

And then I realized. Its time to take all the clean pouring water from Life, redeeming all the dirt I’ve been stacking up and holding on all this time.

Yes, dirt is dirt. I cant deny nor forget it.
But there’s also clean water, baby.. no worry 🙂

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