I Failed, yet I’m Alive

How many books out there about success? The answer is too many.
But how many books out there telling us about failure, and how to cope with it? Maybe there is one, somewhere out there.

I was going through my book shelf just now and found a book on how to be a successful person in life. Cant help wondering, what was I thinking back then when I buy that book? I bet, I want to be a successful person 😛 D’ah! But really, what was I looking for?

Now, if you ask me, do you succeed in life? I’d say, you tell me what you mean by successful.
Is it having the million dollar job?
Is it having the perfect marriage?
Is it having the flawless body?
Is it being the perfect parent?

If that were the term of successful, well I’m nowhere near 😀

But, I love my job.
Husband often being pain in the ass, but he’s okay.
Full fat body and yes, I need to do something about this, but still okay.
And surely I’m no perfect mother. I get cranky with Gian, sometimes. And I feed him fast food already (McD all the way) LOL but he’s still the pumpkin of my life.

Yeah, I failed on one too many aspects in life. But hey, at least I’m alive 😉

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