How To Un-Miserable-ing Yourself Instantly

Pregnancy and labor followed by babysitting (with/without help) often makes you feel miserable.
In each body, mind and soul state.

Well, I don’t know about the happy-smiley-all-the-time mothers out there, but I frequently purse my lips and frown my forehead during these times 😀

All those webs and books is recommending a ‘me time’ to avoid such feeling. Yes, that might works. But in my case, I don’t get many chances for me-time-ing. Since I was pregnant with Gian, I decided to kill me-time concept. Aside the ego reason, I’m afraid my frown and pursing lips catch to me sooner before the next ‘me-time’ 😛 And so I listed some ways, how to un-miserable-ing myself, instantly xD

1. Hot Shower

This was the easiest way and since the first night up with Gian, I took my bath ritual seriously. I’d enjoy ever splash of it. Took only 5-10 minutes, might be the short version if compare to the average bath time, while your baby is asleep safely, but if you mean it, you’ll be refreshed in no time, in every single bath time 🙂

2. A cup of hot coffee/tea

Well, since I’m a coffee/tea addict, a sip of hot coffee/tea can really brighten my day.

3. Loud music

Then get on your feet and shake what pregnancy has left you on your butt 😛 Or just shake your head to the rhythm 😀 And don’t forget to sing along. I did this every Gian’s bath time.

4. Laugh about something, anything

Fake it if necessary. Its good just to have a good laugh. When Gian was a couple days old, somehow I tripped on something and fell. It hurts but also silly, and I remember I had such a good laugh over my pain. And voila! Bye-bye frown =))

5. Take a walk (to the mall/park)

Its not about certain calorie amount you need to burn or anything. Walking for 5 minutes, anywhere, can really gives you new perspective.

6. Look up to the sky

When you happen to be directly under a bright blue sky. Look up! And take a deep breath 🙂 Its like right click on refresh.

7. Child pose (Shishuasana)

Has the benefit to calm the nervous system and deep relaxing for your back. Yoga offers many poses to help coping with pregnancy, labor and heavy mommy duties, but this pose has almost instant effect, well at least for me. And while doing this sort of ‘sujud’ pose, I often count my blessings 🙂

8. Pat you pets

If you don’t have one, get one. Maybe its just me, but I think animals are great for us to develop nurture/care habit. And its good feeling for us to know that we are capable to nurture/care for other beings.

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