‘Who’s Gonna be The Passenger?’

What’s a job to you?

I bet most of us, including me, a job provides. We all have our own ends to meet, surely not the same for everybody. From which we got (some of) our drives, what keeps us get up in the morning and hustle to our work place.

In the end of the day (well, month actually, except if you get paid daily/weekly), the reward keeps us going through our lives. Salary to pay the bills and everything in between.

The twist is whether we love our job or not. If you happen to love your job, congrats! You are the luckiest man. But if you happen to hate your job, feeling the pressure, misfit, or just can’t be yourself at work, my heart goes for you all. Fight or flight!

Love don’t always happen at first sight. But it might follow if we are open enough and willing to get ‘involved’ deep enough 🙂

There’s always hope to fall in love….

with your job.


Anyway, lets take out whether you already love your job or yet. Just a job. A job that provides or you put a little bit more than that?

This year has become the year of transportation break through. And also the year I need any mean of transportation since I’m back working in the office, after  a while working from home. So its a match!

Starting from the Gojek boom, Uber controversy and everything in between. Its exciting to watch such break through, how a part of our daily life evolving from offline to online. And the cherry on top of that excitement was when I attended a media gathering hosted by Google which was also attended by many start-ups and not-so-start-ups companies such as ICT operators, vendors and providers. And on that gathering, Google’s number one in South East Asia mentioned Gojek as the most innovative apps of the year. Hands down!

But what for me an excitement, for others its more of an ‘opportunity’. Gojek campaign to recruit more drivers is spot on. Up to IDR 15 millions per month and everybody’s ready to leave their current job. Said that even a retail manager has resigned to be a Gojek driver. How about that?

Another intriguing statement also came across my social media. Nowadays college degree is no longer important since you can make the same amount of money as a bachelor without any degree, just be a Gojek driver. And I was like, whaat? :O

Excitement toned down into a frown. Carrier and degree has no worth anymore. Is it, really?

And few weeks ago, I got the punch line from my superior at work. His wife is a medical doctor and now is working at public hospital and looking for new opportunity. He told us that his wife was already undergo some interviews with private hospitals, not only for the job but also for her post graduate sponsorship. But when he calculated how much his wife would earn (which is more than what she earns now), he said its not worth it because its just a third than a Gojek driver/Grabcar driver earn. He’d prefer his wife not to work in a hospital anymore, either stay at home babysitting or set new carrier path cross field.

While I’m thinking about the oath the wife has taken, the calling/passion to care and cure the wife might have, my superior added a story how he encouraged his colleague, who’s being laid off, to be a Grabcar driver rather than seeking an engineer/supervisor position again regardless he’s a distinguished graduate from the most prominent tech college in Indonesia. It pays the same, he almost shouted in the crowded canteen.

And I’m leaving that canteen speechless..


I mean no disregard to those dedicated drivers in all of the world and applications. I proudly promote their service to my friends, family and colleague, not only how they facilitate the transportation needs in hectic Jakarta effectively, but also how they become the man of change. The future lies in the hand of the people who embrace change and break through comfort zone!

But everyone eyeing to be a driver? Disregarding carrier, degree, oath, skills, years of experience for the sake of an equal amount of money they’d make being a driver?

Okay, some of you might think I’m over thinking things. Here’s a ‘dummy’ question, if everyone wants to be a driver, who’s gonna be the passenger?

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