Beauty is in The Eyes of The Beholder, NOT!

Beauty is the eyes of the beholder.“, so they say.

A friend of mine recently buzzed much about how she’s not fit to meet the beautiful standard, such as having a slim body hence she’s undergoing a strict diet.

Every time she shares her picture and lets us know how ugly she (think) is because she’s fat, not having the perfect skin, can’t afford the latest hair style, blablabla lalala, and all I can see is how pretty her smile is.

Sure, she concerns about healthy body weight, don’t we all?
Who has not complaining about their skin and hair, nowadays?

But since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, its almost impossible to own our very own beauty. Just when we started to feel good about our (fat, flawed skin, and bad hair)-self, there’s always some beholders making fun, making comments of us.

‘Are you gaining some weight?’
‘What with those pimples?’
‘Now you’re going blonde? Wow’


Why can’t we just say, “Beauty lies beyond what eyes perceived.

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