‘Amat Victoria Curam’

Stay low, sharp eyes, and detailed plans. Assignment completed with no or minimal risk. That’s how you would describe Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) as the mechanic, aside from its ordinary definition, a hit man.

Per skill, Arthur was above the average. And his boss, Harry McKenna (Donald Sutherland) was always please with Arthur. Their agreement grew to a close relationship. But unfortunately, this close relationship made Arthur the perfect man to carry out an assignment from Harry’s partner in that company, Dean (Tony Goldwyn). Assignment to kill Harry cause Dean suspected an information leakage from Harry.

Arthur was proven ‘good’ at the job. And Harry didn’t even bother to fight back.

Harry left none to Steve McKenna (Ben Foster). Arthur was more of Harry’s son than Steve was. But the loss is more to Steve than to Arthur, and he wanted a revenge.

Steve had himself luring a car jacker to kill since Harry was killed in a car jacking scenario. Right before he killed the car jacker, Arthur came along and stop him. Steve then realized that Arthur had skills. And he came to Arthur to learn what it takes to be a hit man, as his father once taught Arthur to be one.

And Arthur did taught Steve. But style is a personal thing. It can’t be taught over. The next assignments in which Arthur left Steve in charge, it went ‘dirty’. The target was a hit man from another company. A chihuahua lover and a gay. And Arthur was already preparing Steve as a chihuahua lover and a gay for 3 weeks so he can have an encounter with the target. But instead finishing the target as planned, with a heart stopper medicine, Steve chose the hard way. Accomplished, but ‘dirty’. Even when Arthur got involved, Steve recklessness still affect the operation.

But in his escape from one messy operation, Arthur saw the guy from his company who’s suppose to be dead regarding the allegation to Harry. And from this guy, Arthur learned that Harry was not the tipper. It was Dean.

Furious he was, but still managed to chase Dean in his hiding with Steve and killed him. Along the way, Steve found his father gun in Arthur’s garage and learned that Arthur was the killer.

After killing Dean, they went for an escape. And in a gas station, Steve left Arthur in the car while he filled the gas. Revenge was always the motif for Steve to learn to be a hit man, and his revenge was closer than he had expected. From his father gun, Steve shot the car.

Revenge’s paid. What next ? Steve went to Arthur’s place and put the music on. Then he drove the car which Arthur left a note with. ‘Steve, if you read this note, then you are dead. -Bishop’. Steve laughed and step the gas. That was the last thing he did. While Arthur escaped from the car in the gas station before Steve shot it cause he saw Harry’s gun in Steve’s jacket.

Well, that’s ‘Amat Victoria Curam‘. Victory loves preparations.

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