Box (-ing)

I always have certain fascination about box. I would go to a box store just to see those boxes in so many motives, colors and size, touch them and imagine what kind of stuff I can put there.

I love boxes and I have never imagine that this particular fascination would help me get through my life.

Yes. You read it correctly. From the love for boxes, I get help to get through with my life. Some of you might wondering how in the hell I can do that? Some of you might already guess me right. And some of you might also doing the same thing as myself already.

For you whom might still wondering how in the hell I can get help from my fascination of boxes, here you go.

The wise said, in order to be happy, we need to live in the present, right ? Well, I have problems with that. My brain can understand that statement but it is freaking difficult to have the attitude. I am either worrying about the future or clinging to my past. And this box-ing methode helps me to deal with one of them, the clinging to my past part.

When something is over (or should be over), I would have picture a box in mind. Then every single thing that relates to that particular event and/or person would go to that box.

The box-in process can take a lot longer than it should. That’s my weakness. But somehow, those times would give me many things to learn. Or maybe I am good at taking advantages from the worst.

Back to the boxing process. Each time I visualize it, it helps me to have that ‘let go’ feeling, bit by bit. And when finally I can imagine that I close the box with a tape, what a relief!

As for now, I am still boxing some things in few boxes. One box from last year is closing. Lessen my burden, free myself to embrace unlimited possibilities.

‘You gotta love the process, Babe’ – said me to myself.
That’s what life all about, isn’t it?

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