Highlight is Not Always a Delight

Heard about this place a lot. Some sort of happening in Jogja, a place to be to hang out as youngsters in Jogja. Blandhongan Coffeeshop (warkop: warung kopi), which has a branch called Semesta Coffeeshop.

And so, today, this heated afternoon, I decided to pay it a visit. As I came in, the place was not as crowded as I expected, I suppose due to the wrong timing of mine (youngsters don’t hang out in the middle of the day, granny :P). Found myself a seat, which is not so clean. Ashes’re everywhere, dusty and hot humid.

After waited for few minutes, I figured the place was self serving. And so I ordered in the cashier, a cup of coffee (Kopi Cangkir) for only Rp 3.500. Since the cashier guy asked me, is that it?, which made me feel a bit ‘cheap’, then I ordered a fried mushroom for Rp 8.500, for a total of Rp 12.000. It is indeed cheap but I feel like being robbed because actually I have another plan for lunch.

And so, here they are..


The Kopi Cangkir.
And it shocked me. So clumsy. I did pity the classic cup. 😐



Fried Mushroom.
A bit soggy, taste poorly.

Well, I guess this conclude that a highlight does not necessarilly a delight.
At least in my humble opinion..


Semesta Coffeeshop
Jl Abu Bakar Ali No 2
Kotabaru Yogyakarta

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