Bandung 0 KM

With little one, at 0 KM.


To pick up, the less little one, and here they are.

With the one who has never lose the spirit and light (also love) <3

Was a tiring journey, sleepy weekend, but lots of fun! 😉


Itinerary Bandung, 28-29 January 2012

Stayed at POP Hotel Bandung on Jalan Peta
which is the budget hotel version of Harris. Not bad at all! Not so spacious but cozy. Located aside a new mall called Festival Citylink, I’d say the rate under $30 is reasonable. Breakfast is provided as quick bite, banana leave wrapped nasi uduk with spicy chicken and bean cake and hot tea/coffee.

Dinner at Bakso Malang Enggal on Jalan Burangrang
cheap and delicious meatballs and fried/pouched dumpling in clear soup. Self-serviced, pay as you take system I liked the most!

2nd breakfast at Eleven Seven Porridge at Jala Kebon Jati
which offers chicken, prawn, beef, pork and fish porridge. Unfortunately the chicken and fish, which is the highlight menu here, was out when we came 🙁 Selection of dim sum is the next option as we had prawn hakau, siomay, angsio and half portion of roast pork. It was okay, not as expected though.

Lunch at Radja Ketjil on Cihampelas Walk
we had our appetite fulled here! Yum yum and yum! The highlight menu should be the fried casava 😉

And the we get some snacks at Kartika Sari on Jalan Juanda a.k.a Dago

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