a ‘confrontation’

I needed one and might be more than one. And I got one, today.
A ‘confrontation’, with quotation mind you. Not exactly as the definition of it, more of aiming the face to face essence.

All this time, I was one-sided on perspective of many things. It is imbalance and therefore I was so clouded, unclear, not at peace on particular things. It was so much burden for me and my emotions, begets anger and hopefully yet become rage inside. I am lucky enough to have the time to do some digging within myself and measure things up before doing anything reckless.

The digging resulting a step, a step of ‘confrontation’. Meet face to face, and get a wider perspective (certainly doesn’t have to be the same) with calm energy. Harm is absolutely out of the picture. And so, I did.

Soooooooooooo reliiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeff.. 🙂

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