Battleship: A Bummer

After an ultra-powered signal sent into the deep space towards a planet which is predicted having similarity with Earth, few years later, 5 unidentified objects from the outer space are detected about to enter our atmosphere. Having no anticipation at all, those objects hit Earth right around the Hawaiian coast where the military join forces combat training took place.

Fortunately, the ET had damaged their telecommunication device from a collision with a satellite before entering the atmosphere. Buying some times for the humans to defend the planet.

Destroyers, state of the art combat ships, are dealing with the ET army. One ship, which is commanded by Stone Hopper (Alexander Skarsgard), is destroyed without any survivors by the ET and leaving his brother, Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch), the next in command. With help from the Japanese army, lead by Nagata (Tadanobu Asano), they managed to survive the ET’s attack.

Up in the hill, Samantha (Brooklyn Decker), Alex’s fiance figured out how to stop the ET from invading the Earth. They need to destroy the hill where the satellites are going to be used by the ET to send signal back to their planet. And with help of the scientist, Dr Nogrady (Adam Godley), Sam established a communication with Alex, telling him to blow up the hill.

Since the last destroyer John Paul Jones was crushed, Alex fought the last ship of the ET with the legendary Missouri battleship, which is less sophisticated than a destroyer ship, with help of the veterans to run the battleship. The ET’s last ship was destroyed, back ups were being sent by Admiral Shane (Liam Neeson) and the hill was flatten.

After a high expectation wait, I was disappointed. The story was total fuzz and just did not add up. And the cameo, Rihanna, was just not suppose to be in any scene. She’s best stay on the stage, get a hold on her hat on the stage instead on the water while swimming for the life boat, and just sing!

Right from the opening scene, when the signal sent out into the deep space without any security and/or defense anticipation to the ET depiction, who’s very lame compare to all the weapon technology they’re suppose to have.

The savior of this movie is just the ‘Transformers’ effects, both the robot effect and the sound effect (according to W, at least). Real bummer, really.

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