Pasta Gio, The Warung Pasta

In the middle of suburb and quite neighbourhood of Sleman, Jogjakarta, there is this warung (rather small restaurant) Pasta Gio, specialize in pasta. Gio is the chef and the owner, very young as my sister told me he’s still on college. But nowadays, Gio has few sous chefs to help run the place.

The place is totally warung-like. Wood benches and plastic table cloths. But I like the Java-inspired architectural, pendopo style.

I was there several times, as they specialized in, the pasta was good. Should try the chef’s sauce and the alfredo for the pasta.

But last night, I decided to try other menu, which is Beef Medallion with green pasta, onion rings and salad.

Here it was.

Yummy! It was as good as it looked. The beef was tender and well done, the mushroom sauce was spot on, the salad was lightly savory, the onion rings were fresh and light as well, and surprisingly the green pasta was rich of olive oil and had red rawit chili slices on which kick the flavor even more. Overall, its worth the 59k price!

And for desert, I ordered their new menu, red velvet. (I guess, red velvet is the new black on desert :))

For only 20k, this red velvet exceed its price value. The strawberry cake layered with light cream truly brighten your palette after a fulfilling entree. 🙂

This is the one place you need to put on the must-visit-list when you’re in town.

Pasta Gio
Ngelempong Lor Blok 1 No. 4 Sariharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman
Open at 17.00

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