Civilized Critics (Appreciation for Sushi Tei Management)

Many fear criticism. Being the criticized, being the critics, and some prefer to keep the ‘golden way’. And that’s no surprise at all, since critics are made to reveal flaws and weaknesses.

But also, in the contrary, there are some people who just love criticism, especially being the critics. In worst case, critics are like predator and the criticized are like the prey.

That’s why criticism has a negative tone and people are busy to promote on how to convey a constructive critics.

I was one of those who fear criticism since I saw its negative tone instead of its constructive impact, and been busy (only) to promote how criticism can be constructive.

Well, no more now 🙂

Through one event, I learned to befriend with criticism. It happened just yesterday, Monday, August 13th 2012. My husband and I decided to have lunch at Sushi Tei in Pondok Indah Mall 2. I have always liked their sushi and ramen. Since my husband wanted the ramen to be the spicy one, finally we ordered their new special Ramadhan menu, Pirikara Soumen few selections of maki.

Not too long after we ordered, the food came along. We were digging the Pirikara Soumen, it was delicious until we found dead maggot in the Pirikara Soumen. The digging reached the bottom of our stomach.

I asked my husband whether we wanted to complain to the restaurant. He has no comment at that time.

And so, I decided to call the waitress and asked them about what is it in our Pirikara Soumen, is it some kind of ingredient. I asked her to confirm with the chef.

A little bit later, the store manager, Bapak Tedy Yanto, came to our table and apologized. He explained that it was indeed a dead maggot, and perhaps came from the vegetables in the Pirikara Soumen. He asked whether we wanted to change the menu to other selection. My husband and I can’t helped not to laugh and told Bapak Tedy that the Pirikara Soumen is already in our stomach. What’s the solution of that?

I sensed a bit pause in Bapak Tedy’s reaction and I waited for him to come up with another solution. And he did, by offering to discharge the bill for the Pirikara Soumen. We agreed.

Then Bapak Tedy went to take care of the bill and gave a comment card for us to fill.

I wrote down what’s necessary to comment on. That dead maggot in the food is totally NOT acceptable. I also wrote down my identity as complete as possible. I thought I have to be able to take responsibility for my rave comment.

We paid the bill and left the restaurant.

On our way, I decided to share my experience in my twitter account.

My intention was pure sharing my experience. And for Sushi Tei to improve their service since they are one of favorite restaurants in town. Mine too, but unfortunately this event really hit me in the stomach.

And then I got bunch of mentions in twitter. Only proving that Sushi Tei is everyone’s fave.

Few hours after later, I got a phone call from Ibu Monica, as the operational of Sushi Tei. Apologizing for the unfortunate event, thanking for giving the commentary on comment card and twitter, telling that investigation team has been dispatched to improve their service and asking whether there’s something they can do to make up the unfortunate event to us.

I say, that is one good management! Only within hours they already responding customer voice.

I said on the phone to Ibu Monica, that it would not be necessary to make up the unfortunate event since the bill was already discharged, we fully understood the situation and hopefully we all can learn from the event to be better, as in Sushi Tei can improve the service and we can be better customer by convey the constructive criticism.

I also share my appreciation to Sushi Tei management via twitter.


And that’s how I finally befriend with criticism. I am not afraid of it anymore.
Really, criticism can be constructive and beneficial for all of us, when we convey and accept it right 🙂

Once again, my sincere appreciation to Sushi Tei management for resolving this unfortunate event. You just prove you’re Big.

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