True Wealth (Less is More #4)

Big house, nice cars, great career. Is that the true wealth?

How about fireplace, less electricity, humble home? Probably each one of you would define those things with poverty.
I say that’s the true wealth.

My parent in law’s home in Singaraja is one of the examples.

I was spending my last single moments there and got amazed how in that house, cooking costs almost nothing. Just buy some veggies for IDR 5k, you can cook food for the whole day. No need fuel, gas nor oil, since we use fireplace and the fuel we got from our plantation, starting from branches to dried coconut fiber.

Less electricity doesn’t mean poor. It only means effective usage. Up until now, we only have 450kW installed in Singaraja house. No fridge, no rice cooker. Our laptops use converter. And that is what I called effectiveness.

I recall I was sitting in the porch, in the floor, no sound of television (though we have couple of them), hardly using gadgets, and I can’t remember when was the last time I’m in peace like that. And that is what make it the true wealth. 🙂


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