The Wind Chime, Down Scaling The Up Scale

Got a 4 days getaway to Bandung few weeks ago and I decided to got to this place based on this review. And there we were.

The place is called The Wind Chime, though the wind chime elements are a little bit off, more like The Pan House since they put (good) comments on the pan and hang them along side the porch.

I made a reservation prior our arrival, thought had to anticipate the dinner rush. Turned out, we are the only customer since we came at 6.30 PM til we left at 8.00 PM. Errr?!

And the fiasco started with the only-one-chicken-entree menu, which finally I had to order it though I was not in the mood of chicken breast (again). Wie ordered a tiger prawn menu cost IDR 275k, which I thought would be worth it.

For appetizer, we ordered the infamous escargot.

Here they were..

Both our entrees got mashed potato in it and it was completely flat, no taste in any sense possible. And the garnishes somehow are not enhancing the flavor of the meat, since those meats (both the chicken breast and the prawn) could use a flavor enhancement. Even the basic salt and pepper I couldn’t taste.

The only savior of the night is the escargot. Olive oil and parsley is the key. Though they came out not as expected, as the snails were drown into the mushrooms.

A friend of mine was ordering a tenderloin and came out not as expected as well. I saw him struggling cutting the tenderloin.

For a down scaling like that we have to pay almost IDR 700k. What a Bummer! Totally not recommended and certainly not going back for a second down scale.


The Windchime
Jl. Sawungguling No. 10 A
Bandung – 40116
Jawa Barat, Indonesia
ph. +62(22) 423-9963

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