Bourne Legacy: Legacy? More of Cross Identity

Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), one of Outcome program participants, survived the wipe out plan by its own creator, the CIA. Outcome program is the following program which built Bourne in the first place. As one of CIA officers plans to go public with the program malfunction, they decided to kill all the following programs and its agents throughout the world.

Cross then went to the city for medicines and found that the lab has been wiped out also, leaving one doctor survived, Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz). Just in time Marta is forcefully held for suicide, Cross came to rescue.

Unfortunately, Dr Shearing had no medicines Cross was looking for. And surprisingly, Cross could have been lived without those medicines and still have the abilities, both cognitive and physical. He just needs to be injected with live viruses, the medicines ingredients. The viruses was kept in Thailand, and there they went.

Successfully injected, Thailand didn’t come easy for Cross and Dr Shearing to escape the local police and one of LARX (the suddenly-active-following program after Outcome) participant. Bourne wouldn’t leave his legacy without successful runaway. So did Cross and Dr Shearing.

To take down super soldier, CIA only send drone? That is so weird.
To have a target house burned down and their agents went missing, took CIA hours to send their forensics? That is even weirder.
To pull out passengers manifest and have everybody’s background checked out, instead running facial recognition S/W? No wonder CIA’s screwed.
Last but not least, what’s with the (ordinary branded) sunglasses? And selecting car instead of motorbike to chase a motorbike, really, REALLY? LARX is totally a bust!

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