Who Are We Really?

It was a lazy Saturday night. We didn’t come out from the house till 8 PM, just for a walk on a supermarket and hope to find good meal on our way home. And there we were, chose to have a tongseng (lamb soup) on a steamy hot night 🙂

Whilst waiting for Wie finished the meal, I noticed there’s this lil cat playing with a roll of tissue on the floor. I came to pick her up, and surprisingly she didn’t resent me and played instead with my fingers.

Wie said to take her home. And there I stunned. Finally.. a companion in our lives.

I posted on twitter that we are welcoming the new member on our love house. And I got a praise for what I did. I really didn’t see it that way.

Oh btw, the name is Oseng since we met her in Warung Tongseng 😀

Oseng was in a pretty good shape. Shelter and food were available. And in that warung, the people seem didn’t mind her playing around, well ‘didn’t mind‘ is my phrase for ignored actually.

The act of saving was not our intention, really. Simply an openness for another being, in this case a cat, to grow better with us. Matter of fact, its us who’s in the need to be open. And by keeping our mind (and chance) open, we’re growing. This time, the growing partner is Oseng.

Many opportunities has come by to us. Ready to adopt dogs and cats. We even came to this animal charity event on a bar, in which there’s no animal in it, looking for an opportunity. But I guess, timing is everything. And that night, the time has finally come.

So, I replied to my friend who praised me on twitter, that indeed we are blessed having Oseng with us at home. Its really God within Oseng blessing us.

We are not saving Oseng from anything. Who are we really?

Oseng is a perfect being, with full capability to run her basic instincts. We, the human, sometimes so damn proud of ourselves and forget to how to live side by side with another beings, yet claim saving. Who are we really??

I am thankful having Oseng to remind me not to be proud and ignorant as human. As she doesn’t need saving from the first place, its us who open the opportunity to grow together.
Shall we, Oseng? 🙂


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