Im a Sprout Convert

Never thought I would be a sprout convert. I used to hate sprout. Runs in my family, I guess, since sprout was never on our daily menu. But now, different story.

Actually, the conversion began few years ago. A dear friend of mine taught me to know sprout. It was more of I prepared the sprout and she’ll cooked it for all of us. If other cooks use sprout as garnish or side ingredient, this friend of mine uses sprout as the main ingredient aside to staple, such as rice.

Well, from then on, I can have sprout on my meals.

And the time for my sprout baptism finally came yesterday when I successfully cooked sprout and actually tasted really good. Here it is.. Sprout Stir Fry with Baby Salty Fish


How to cook? Easy breezy!

Stir fry onions, shallots, chili, and galangal (lengkuas), then put the sprout in. Add some leeks and a bit of water to soften the sprout. Wait to half cooked, the add salt and the fried baby salty fish. Voilaa!

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