TED: Viewer Discretion Please!

Just because he’s the Teddy Bear doesn’t mean he acts like the one we used to imagine.
This movie is hilariously screwed.

Teddy Bear has become a little bitter as grown ups would be. Yes, Ted has grown up. Made a pact as thunder buddy to Johnny for life and life has taken the both of them for 27 years.

Swearing, smoking pot, and grown up things are explicitly shown here. Even sex scenes, yes with-s as in plural.

As cute as Ted depicted in above picture, its actually Ted’s gesture to hit a girl. And yes, its a sex gesture as if he’s doing it with the barcode scanner.

With predictable story line and hardly smooth flow, I actually have time to think how this movie is highly inappropriate for children under age. And to make it worse, there were children watching with me yesterday.

Actually the censor board has already marked this movie as an adult movie. But seems there’s no one care, let alone comply to the viewer discretion.

I am so bugged about this. Is there anyone out there feel the same?

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