The Indonesian Kitchen

Just bought The Indonesian Kitchen book by Ghillie Basan and Terry Tan.

I bought it because its not simply a recipe books, but also has a cultural information in it, plus full nutrition information down to calories per serving dish. It actually written for foreigners who want to learn Indonesian cuisine. But frankly, I myself do not really know the whole concept of Indonesian cuisine. Shame no?

And so, I started to read, and I enjoyed my reading so much that I actually save those pages time to time. Of course not only reading it, but also acting on its recipes.

So far, from 80 recipes, I’ve done pretty well on 2.
First was the Aubergines in a Chilli Sauce

Didn’t have the chance to take the result for this dish, since at that time we had guests. But husband said it was good.
I’ve did this dish several times since I’m into aubergines now, but in my previous recipe I used sugar instead of palm sugar to balance the heat from the chilli. It turned out palm sugar tasted better.


Second was the Indonesian Black Sticky Rice Pudding

The main reason I couldn’t wait to cook this recipe is because its a home meal for husband. In Bali, they called it bubuh injin. Didn’t expect the simplicity of the process. I was stunned! And again, husband said it was great 😀


78 dishes to go and I am psyched! 😀

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  1. @adewantorsays

    Whenever you are ready, let’s open a restaurant in New York.

    1. omingokesays

      Hell of a dream, but Why Not?


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