Eggs Benedict, an Intepretation (as seen on AFC)


2 eggs
Wheat breads
Tomato cherry (red and/or orange)

How to Cook

1. Preparing the tomato cherry emulsion as the substitute of Hollandaise sauce. Half cut the tomato cherry and blend it all, including the skin and the seeds. While blending, add instead olive oil, a canola or coconut oil to maintain the tomato color bright. Keep blending until it emulsify and the strain the emulsion.

2. The bacon is relatively easy and usual to prep. Light fry in olive oil with some salt and pepper until it cooked and crisp.

3. Actually on AFC, they made a savory waffle, which is easy breezy and yummy, but I don’t have the waffle maker, so I use wheat breads. Smear with butter and toast.

4. And finally its, the eggs, the star of a benedict. Make sure your eggs are on room temper before putting it in whirl boiling water. Note, the boiling water must be whirling, to keep the eggs centered. Cook the eggs for 4 minutes and the serve on top of bread and bacon. And at last is the tomato cherry emulsion.

*the picture is on my head*


I intended to make this eggs benedict for breakfast, Thursday morning, since its supposed to be a holiday. Instead, moms got sick and had to be hospitalized.

There gone my eggs benedict..

But I’ll find the time 🙂

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