Signora Pasta

Spending Saturday night, we chose this one place we have always curious about, Signora Pasta at Entertainment Center Bintaro.

The place was crowded. Almost full, with only 2 tables left, we chose the non smoking area, though the air conditioner was a bit too much.

I was impressed with the ambience. Dominated with brown in color and soft happy music in the background. Foods and beverages were sent out almost non stop.

The waiter quickly took our orders, which were Frittura Mista, prawn and calamari fritters, Capricciosa, mushrooms, capers with beef pizza, and a Penne Al Salmone, penne with cream sauce and salmon. As for the beverage, we both ordered a Bunga-Bunga, mix of lemongrass, lemon and a bit ginger (I think).

Frittura Mista


Penne Al Salmone


It was, all, delicious.
I like best the texture of the pizza bread. It was in between crusty and doughy. The calamari and prawn were also perfectly fried. Unfortunately, the dipping was not as tasteful as the fries. The salmon penne was also tasty and aromatic, with all the herbs sprinkles. But the highlight for tonight, its the Bunga-Bunga. Fresh and it has a warm after taste. And husband ended up with another cup of Bunga-Bunga 🙂

Home Foods

As I recently moved to my own house, cooking is a must.
Not only to tighten the budget, but also to start living as in its true sense.

And so, here I am, in my new-old kitchen, cooking my home foods 🙂


First home food is my all time fave: Palm sugar-Sweet Soy Sauce Based Veggie Fry

The veggies you can pick as you please. I use broad beans, string beans, baby corns, carrots, anything available in the kitchen.
For the goodie, sometimes I use sausages and/or meatballs. Not to forget lots of chilli 😉

As for the base, of course palm sugar, sweet soy sauce, shallots, garlic, salt, galangale and bay leaf.

Stir fry the chilli, shallots, garlic, galangale and bay leaf.
Add some water, and put the veggies and goodies in.
While boiling, add palm sugar, sweet soy sauce and salt.
Let it boil till the water run dry and create thick brown base.
Taste it and expect hot, sweet, slight salty in the back.

I can never had enough of this food 😀
Hope he likes it, like I do.


Second home food is Spinach Corn Clear Soup

Of course you all can guess, the veggies are spinach and corn. Add also some carrots to brighten the color.
The seasoning is totally simple: shallots, one garlic, bay leafs and salt sugar.

Let shallots, one garlic, bay leafs and salt sugar boil in some water.
Make sure you get the right taste before adding the veggies.
Expect slightly sweet and salty fresh.
Only then put the veggies till they cooked properly.


Both of those foods can be done under 30′. It is really simple. Try it 😉

Important note in these 2 recipes: the bay leaf is a Must! That solid green leaf can bring magic to your taste buds.


Staple is not Irreplaceable

Yesterday, after a while, I dated my dear best friend, Ocik, again. Had such a good time on our lunch date and sunglasses hunt 😉 And as always, aside from all the gossips and chit chat, every date with her is always inspiring. Her whole family is always an inspiration for me since I knew them years ago. And so, we had this intriguing topic about staple food.

Ocik told me that she’s now cutting back rice consumption based on her health perspective. How rice can be a true killer, she said. And I can’t agree more with her. Other than from health and its nutritional aspect of rice, I added some (general) perspective from the economical aspect of rice.

Nowadays, we can buy rice for Rp 10.000,- per kilo in average. And that is not cheap. While wages in most work fields are not likely increasing due to regional and global economy. Our country is currently still producing rice, yes. But due to the higher demand than supply, it forces the government to import rice also. Basically if we do the (simple) math, the supply would not likely meet the demand.

What to do then? Cutting back the demand, right?
Yes! Cutting back rice consumption. But it can’t be so simple as, IMO, the ‘One Day No Rice’ movement that is now being urged in certain area in Banten province. Since they are not providing and/or socializing any alternative for the rice substitute, or at least not that I’ve heard/read.

I’d prefer to go back the definition of staple food first. Educate ourselves, what is it a staple food? Is it has to be rice?

Staple, by definition here, is a principal raw material or commodity grown or produced in a region. And so, we need to know, what is it that grow mostly in our region. The answer is rice. No surprise about that, but if we, as in a country, need to import rice, it indicates that we are not growing enough rice for everyone. And it is (also, not only our government) our responsibility to educate ourselves about the second most grown in our region and start to incorporate that produce in our lives as secondary staple food. For example, cassava, sago, or corn (depends on the region where we at).

Also, aside from its availability, we need to learn more about nutritional aspect of those staple food. What can we get from each product? And how much we should have per our body need in principal?

Adult, in average, needs around 2000 calories. Did you know that in 100g of rice there’s a 365 calories*? Assuming 3 times meals in a day, all including rice menu, and per meal we demand 300g of rice, that’s already 1095 calories times 3. And we are not yet counting the protein and the green. We need to forget about dessert at this point. This, we all need to learn well in order to be healthy, not only for body perspective but also for society.

While other staple foods, e.g cassava or corn has less calories in them, which might suite more for our health condition, on secondary/subsidiary consumption.

Once we know what’s staple food all about and of course what we need, I am sure cutting back rice is not that hard to do since by educating ourselves, the problem on alternative staple foods is resolved. ‘One Day No Rice’ movement might not be needed if we can all moderate our rice consumption in daily basis. All day in a week we can still have rice, in moderate consumption 🙂

* counted from nutrition table here

Simple Math (Less is More #2)

Food is fuel to our body. That is indisputable.
(I was once trying to dispute the statement, in order to hurt my self. Silly :P)

And so, in order to be a productive body, we need certain amount of fuel. Surplus on the fuel will be stored in the body as fat, less fuel will have the body to burn the previous storage of fat. It is simple math.

Now, are you in the need of fuel surplus or less?
Body constitution and metabolism, living and working environment should be taken consideration to build the state of mind.

Normally, adult men and women need 2500 and 2000 calories per day. Now, if you are in the need of less fuel, so that fat in your body is forced to be burned, you can’t go over that daily average calories. Strongly recommended to cut the calories and/or exercise more. Again this is simple math that you need to repeat over and over in your mind, in order to become a lifestyle, not only one time diet and have a bounce back weight few months later.

I remember I watched Rachel Ray, in which the guest star is a diet consultant. She said, please do eat 4 times a day. Yes, you read it right, Four Times a Day! 😀 Four meals consisting 400 calories. So, in one day, your fuel is 1600 calories. Its a mind game actually. Your mind will be fed 4 times but your body will not be burdened.

I say, do it if its comfy for you. But bottom line is your mind is in the state of aware that the fuel you put in your body matches its need. If it matches, I bet your daily activity will be energetic and light. Weight loss will be the byproduct of your healthy life.

The Food

Each and everyone of us must have certain food with which we grew up.
Mine is ‘soto‘, particularly Soto Pak Slamet or back then we used to call it soto rel sepur, since the place is just across train track.

All five of us has soto as the food of our life. And this place is a must visit place whenever we go back home to Jogja.

And the last time I went to Jogja, my food freak sister Tita told me to try soto in Sagan, where she used to buy as brunch in between her classes. Predictably, that is the same place I used to go when I was in college. :)) So, the next day, here I went.

And the crowd was never less than this. Even back then.

Seemingly plain in composition, but taste so good, still.

Well, that’s it. The food. My food. Simple food for simple person. 😉

il Mondo Pizza

Went out for a lunch with my sister, Tita the other day. After a little incident, me wearing short, t-shirt and flip flop picked her up in her campus which of course drew all the attention of the students, we decided to make that day up with italiano style. And here we goes, il Mondo Pizza.

At first, I was not sure about the place. I mean, I was expecting a restaurant kind a look but I guess this place is more of trattoria which means tavern or small cafe.

They have 2 floors. 1st floor is kitchen and waiting space for those who order take out. 2nd floor for dine in guests. Their interior theme is dark wooden theme accessories with old school pictures. The pictures may be old school, but not the waiters. They’re all youngsters with the latest fashion and they’re all boys. I did not see any girl in the kitchen nor waiting the tables.

So, after seated, we were given the menu. And the menu was really cute! It’s half round papers with leather cover. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the picture of that cute menu.

Took us a short time to order. Yes, we are starving :))
So, we ordered a pepperoni pizza with mozarella and cheese fries. As for the beverage, Tita ordered ice lemon tea and lime squash for myself.

Pepperoni Pizza with Mozarella

Cheese Fries

The pizza was crusty. And they really baked it in a stove instead an oven, since we have a little ashes in our pizza. But it was a yummy pizza! Fries with cheese is also yummy, since Tita ate all of it till the last salt on the plate. She is a food freak! :))

And here we are! 😀

not so good pose for me

trying to look calm pose for Tita and she was absolutely not calm

We paid IDR for our order which I think that was a good price and I said to Tita, this is a good place to eat, great pizza and I would definitely take my friends here some other time.

il Mondo
Better Than Tasty

Jl Cendrawasih 21A
Demangan, Jogjakarta