Home Foods

As I recently moved to my own house, cooking is a must.
Not only to tighten the budget, but also to start living as in its true sense.

And so, here I am, in my new-old kitchen, cooking my home foods 🙂


First home food is my all time fave: Palm sugar-Sweet Soy Sauce Based Veggie Fry

The veggies you can pick as you please. I use broad beans, string beans, baby corns, carrots, anything available in the kitchen.
For the goodie, sometimes I use sausages and/or meatballs. Not to forget lots of chilli 😉

As for the base, of course palm sugar, sweet soy sauce, shallots, garlic, salt, galangale and bay leaf.

Stir fry the chilli, shallots, garlic, galangale and bay leaf.
Add some water, and put the veggies and goodies in.
While boiling, add palm sugar, sweet soy sauce and salt.
Let it boil till the water run dry and create thick brown base.
Taste it and expect hot, sweet, slight salty in the back.

I can never had enough of this food 😀
Hope he likes it, like I do.


Second home food is Spinach Corn Clear Soup

Of course you all can guess, the veggies are spinach and corn. Add also some carrots to brighten the color.
The seasoning is totally simple: shallots, one garlic, bay leafs and salt sugar.

Let shallots, one garlic, bay leafs and salt sugar boil in some water.
Make sure you get the right taste before adding the veggies.
Expect slightly sweet and salty fresh.
Only then put the veggies till they cooked properly.


Both of those foods can be done under 30′. It is really simple. Try it 😉

Important note in these 2 recipes: the bay leaf is a Must! That solid green leaf can bring magic to your taste buds.


The Food

Each and everyone of us must have certain food with which we grew up.
Mine is ‘soto‘, particularly Soto Pak Slamet or back then we used to call it soto rel sepur, since the place is just across train track.

All five of us has soto as the food of our life. And this place is a must visit place whenever we go back home to Jogja.

And the last time I went to Jogja, my food freak sister Tita told me to try soto in Sagan, where she used to buy as brunch in between her classes. Predictably, that is the same place I used to go when I was in college. :)) So, the next day, here I went.

And the crowd was never less than this. Even back then.

Seemingly plain in composition, but taste so good, still.

Well, that’s it. The food. My food. Simple food for simple person. 😉