Gian Journal: The Milestone (up to 3m)

The usual expression, time flies.
But with babies, time seems like a shadow. Its like no time at all.
Its been 3 months already since Gian’s departure in this world.
And when I thought I got all figured out, Gian reaches new milestone and there goes the routine we build together *LOL*


1 Month +

Marked with a modest ceremony, to thank God and universe for guiding Gian’s departure.

And soon after, I noticed that Gian started to make many face expressions.

Its the fasted month I’ve had. Too fast. Gian grew too fast.

2 Month +

Celebrating Gian’s 2nd month-versary, we’re having a baby spa.
Watching Gian’s happy and relax expression while having a deep massage is precious.

And since Gian is already weigh more than 5 kg, he can have a baby swim session. Cute to the max!
No cry baby, Gian loves being in the water.

Grab and pull is the next milestone, Gian reached within the month.
The early sign was, he’d join his fingers, then he’d grab by the edges, e.g my shirt edge and finally the round handle.

And PULL! 😀

Gian also developing his sitting skill 😀
Hello, its us! Anak and Mamak nongkrong *LOL*

And just a few days before his 3rd month-versary. Gian managed to lay flat on his stomach and lift his head high.
Voila! Boat pose by baby Gian :3

3 Month +

Now laying on the back is so overrated for Gian.
Its time to lay on the stomach, yeayy! 😛

Its like no baby at all.
Its like a boy, now :’)

And Gian laughs like there’s no such thing as misery in this world :’)

There. Gian’s milestone up to 3 months old 🙂
Lots of love from the 3 of us :-*

Gian Journal: First Month

Highlight for Gian’s first month was blistered nipples and round the clock breastfeeding. (Its more like my journal on Gian’s first month :P)

Okay, first, the blistered nipples.
A bit horror to look at and don’t ask how much it hurts.
Luckily, when Gian had his first check up, his pediatrician prescribed something for my blistered nipples. And I got a tip from every mommy that has a blistered nipples, rub each nipple with some breast milk before breastfeed and likewise after then let it air dry for a moment. It works! Well, the medicine also works. 2 days after having the medicine, my nipples were soar but not blistered. And I keep doing the breast milk rubbing up until now.

Round the clock breastfeeding.
The first blood check up, Gian’s bilirubin level was at 10.5/12. His pediatrician decided, its okay as long as I keep breastfeed Gian on demand, not by schedule. And since most babies of my fellow mommies were jaundice, I was determined to keep Gian from being jaundice. So I breastfeed Gian round the clock, on demand and on schedule (per 2 hours).

Tips I got to keep baby from jaundice were,

  • scheduled breastfeeding (per2 hours)
  • since jaundice baby is a sleeper, wake the baby if while breastfeeding he/she falls asleep by tickling his/her feet, stroking his/her cheek
  • count how many times he/she urinate and watch for the yellow color
  • sun bathe the baby before 9 AM for 15-30 minutes

Aside those 2 highlights, some general knowledge about newborn and baby,

  • normal temperature is 36.5 – 37.5 Celcius deg, don’t easily freak out if the baby’s temperature rise, give a warm bath and breastfeed the baby. Some fellow mommies set 38 Celcius deg as the threshold to contact pediatrician, some higher.
  • while breastfeeding, some breast milk might stick on baby’s face and it can cause acne-like thingy on the face. No need to apply anything, just keep the baby’s face clean by wiping the face with clean cloth
  • baby’s head sometimes feels warmer than any other part of the body, said its normal since baby’s temperature regulation isn’t mature yet, that’s why its wise to cover his/her hands and feet
  • baby’s nails are sharp! Really need to cut them often to avoid baby scratch his/her own face or any other part of the body

Those are few tips that I can remember among many.
I must say it is a big adjustment for my life, our life.
Being new mom, tired, definitely.
Can’t get enough sleep, sure is.
How I cope with this new life style would be in another post, hopefully I could make time to write all these experience.