Weight Loss (Less is More #1)

And so, less is more part 1 is weight loss.
Yeayy!! Who doesn’t love weight loss? 😀

Well, as I am losing 18k within 6 months (from August 2010 to February 2011) and stable for almost a year now, I feel like the need to share all about it.

The trigger to my initial weight loss is not the best reason in the world, perhaps it was the worst but highly possible to be happened to almost everyone. Depression.

Yes, but need not to worry since I have worked my way out of it, survived and never better! 😀

And so these are my flash back on my weight loss process.


Phase 1.
During my depression, I tend to neglect my body and get entangled in my chaotic mind, emotions, and pain. This is important phase for me, since then I started to be curious why do we need food.

Well, I strongly suggest not to have the depression of course, but let us have the curiosity about food and its effect to our body. Learn more and sort the need of our body that has to be fulfilled by food from the crave that tends weighing our body, resulting our body not to work as it supposed to.

One good way to do this is to observe more closely, how our body reacts to various foods. Well, its not easy I know. When we are hungry, craving for certain food, all we have in mind is to satisfy that sense. But this is, in my opinion, the basic change I have had out of my depression. Change of mindset on how food (should) affect our lives.


Phase 2.
Less is more, in literal. I mean, cut back the portion, add the period.

Since the hormonal change during my depression, I have lost my appetite for a while. But as I am my mom’s daughter, who is always have the 3 meals habit since I was a lil kid, I try to have a meal on time, in small portion (say a spoon of rice or two, more than that I will surely throw up).

Now, I realized this is the main reason I managed to lose weight. Again, not the hormonal change, not the depression to be taken note, but mind your portion.


Phase 3.
Pace does matter.

Again, due to my hormonal change, I need certain pace on food. Fast is not a choice. When I’m ordering something and it arrives in my table, I’ll be like inhale deeply before starting the feast. Slowing down your eating pace is not good for you, but great!
Trust me! In phase 1, when we observe more closely on our body, we will catch its pace too.


And so, that is how I make the best of my depression. I can proudly say it now.
Planning to keep the mindset and get healthier. Not for the looks, but the mind state.
Loving the lightness in my mind that projects on my body 😉


Beautiful Minds

One said once that every great man in this world would have their great minds scattered through out the universe when they passed away. And it could be captured by anyone in this world with no exception but one condition, receptivity in sense of clear consciousness.

I find it so beautiful imagining how great minds are in the air waiting to be grasped and used for the betterment of this world and I really do believe it.

One only needs to work on their receptivity and have clear consciousness to grasp those beautiful minds. And to have enough receptivity, the simplest way, in my opinion, is to be open. Open to everything that happens around us, open to any difference that might come up, open to accept any possibility in life.

It is always nice to meet people with that kind of openness, so many things to share and surely great time await to be spend. And couple days ago I met one, surprisingly from a decade generation after mine.

I am so amazed how we started with light conversation, ended sharing about letting go in life. And once again, we are one decade separated in age. I have my mind blown that afternoon. And I can’t stop thanking Lord for setting me a way to learn and keep learning using all the experiences that I’ve been going through and still.

Life is all about letting go. One second behind is no longer there and we have to let go in order to start surrender. What a beautiful mind!

Beautiful minds are everywhere. Grasp them and be beautiful, truly beautiful.

About Freedom

How would you define freedom? Is it the ability, financially and timely, to do whatever, whenever, and however you want? Or is it a state of mind that allow you to do whatever, whenever and however beyond any judgment and boundaries?

I was always obsessed about freedom, about being free. That is why I was always a rebel, ever since and still. I would do anything that most people would not do. In short, don’t ever tell me what not to do, because most likely I would do it. Back then, I thought being able to do whatever I wanted is freedom.

Then my life entered working phase, where I am bound to a company in a contract, per letter and legally bound. Routines to go to work from 8 to 5 (more often more than 5), working the job assigned, discussing everything about and related to the scope of work, troubleshooting and suddenly ‘freedom’ (as I had it figured) had left the stage.

Few years gone by and still bound to the company. But later on, another priority set in. And the cat game is on. I would have this another priority to be the first priority than my job. My management skill is proven well that time. And I thought I was getting my ‘freedom’ back.

And when I thought I was a free man, I had my confidence up to the sky above, something hit me hard and successfully dropped me way down back to earth. That something was my own choice. The choice that only proved I am strapped on this very world (read: judgments and boundaries).

I lost my confidence. But I have to live with the choices that I’ve made. We all have to, right? And so I live. Losing everything, but manage to ‘enjoy’ every single lost and the pain, I have to say, is addictive!

Freedom is out of my frame since I made that choice. And I wouldn’t dare to even imagine about freedom anymore. But life always finds its way to make joke of its player.

By pure instinct, I applied to government employment. And got accepted, which means job security and free times are at my disposal. In the other hand, I am granted full liberty by the company I work for now on my working time and place. It’s like another forms of ‘freedom’ are teasing me now.

Freedom in terms of more free times if ever I decide to work for the government. Freedom in terms of working in any hour and any place I want, which I already have. And it’s kind of funny, how I can’t found the definition of ‘being able to do whatever’ in this kind of freedom but I do feel a little freedom now.

The freedom has a completely different face now. It’s not about doing whatever I want or having the state of mind beyond any judgment and boundaries. It’s more about being able to see everything as it is and do everything in its accordance, moment per moment. Free to be completely who I am and able to held a full responsibility of what I do. That’s all I got up until now. About freedom.