What is a Resolution?

ResolutionOut of curiosity since everyone is talking about their past and future resolution, I searched for a ‘resolution word origin’ in Google, and Google depicted the word origin as above.

Aside from the ordinary meaning of ‘resolution’ such as a firm decision to do or not to do something or the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter, I am more intrigued with the meaning of the origin word.

re‘ and ‘solvere
to loose, to release

dissolve, disintegrate


So, whats yours to loose in this new year?
Are you ready to release something in this new year?
Or to dissolve anything, maybe?
Disintegrate something might be not so bad either, no?


Happy New Year 2014, peeps 🙂


What Is It with NEW?

And so, the year has renew itself (again). Last Saturday everybody was cheering the change in clock counter, year column. Celebrations are to be found in every level of society, from the haves and the have-nots. Just can’t help to wonder, what is it with the ‘new’ year that it has to be celebrated world wide?

Since, usually, the spirit of ‘new’ year even doesn’t last until the next morning. People are talking about resolutions but skipping evaluations. Spending more to have celebration that would do no good rather than more good to themselves. Not to mention the waste after ward. What is it with NEW?

Call me skeptical,  yes I might be.
But this time, I refused to get carried away by the party and the booze or the lips-service-only preach. I’ve spent enough of my time unwisely on those things.

So, I spent my precious time like the other nights. Just add that beloved ones and some movies in the television. When everyone else was shouting ‘happy new year’, I chose to count my second worthy, with my beloved. Fireworks were amazing (in the television, which we have to watch during the movie), but prayers and the warmth of abundant love is indescribable.

In between of that very second which change the year counter, I said to myself, not to have the ‘new’ spirit just this split second but the entire seconds until my last breath. I will have celebration in every second for the love that I have, the love that surrounds me, the love that makes me grow, the love that heals me and the world.

‘Happy New Year’ tends not last, and so I prefer ‘Happy New Me, everyday’ 🙂