Silence Challenge

Happy New Çaka Year 1934 🙂

Yes, today is second day of the Çaka year 1934, as we already start the year with whole silence in Nyepi day, just yesterday.

Nyepi, in literal, means silence. So in this particular day, we bring ourselves, silence with four methods. The first one is amati geni, no fire and all of its descendants. Second method is amati karya, no work. Then we have amati lelungan, no traveling, and the last one is amati lelanguan, no fun.

More or less, the methods are supposedly bring silence to ourselves so we have an opportunity to go within, find the true purpose of our lives. That methods, most likely would succeed in bringing us the silence outside? How about the noise inside? 🙂


I remember how I would spend my day in Nyepi day, years ago. Electricity off, fasting undergo, and communication is minimized. So, I’d have books to be with the whole day, reading it and/or fell asleep with it 😀

Nowadays, my preferences of reading, mostly are on my Ipad, both online and offline. Now, when electricity is supposedly off, how would I spend my Nyepi day? That was my question yesterday, and somehow I figured that gadgets would be my biggest challenge on Nyepi day, and I was right.


I love my gadgets. Most of my activities are done using them. A day without my gadgets, to silence my head, that is my pact for my Nyepi day this year. Was a real challenge for me 😛
Managed to stay off my gadgets up til the 20th hour 😀

Silence is truly precious these days. We really have to work on our silence quality, not only at Nyepi day, but through the whole year, since wisdom born from silence state of mind 🙂